Raventhir's Iron Hand

Insignia of Raventhir's Iron Hand
Raventhir's Iron Hand
Formed 2579
Nickname Undying Service
Affiliation Magistracy of Canopus
Parent Command Magistracy Royal Guards

The Raventhir's Iron Hand is a unit with the Magistracy of Canopus' military commands. Usually consisting of the MAF's most fanatical pilots in defending the Magistracy's capital world of Canopus IV.


Formation in the Reunification War[edit]

The unit was founded in 2579 as an ad hoc BattleMech battalion created from the remains of MAF military units. The nameless battalion was used as a quick-response defense force created in the wake of the Star League's invasion of the Magistracy during the Reunification War in 2577. In 2580, the unit proved its mettle by defending the world of Cranston against elements of the SLDF of Seventh Corps and soundly defeating them. The MAF christened the unit with the name "Magistracy Guards" in honor of their victory in hard struggle. Later in 2584, the unit's name would be changed to the Royal Magistracy Guards after valiant defense of Canopus IV. The unit was disbanded in 2588[1] after Canopus was conquered by the Star League.

Reconstituted, the Succession Wars[edit]

The Guards were re-formed in 2786 when Magestrix Janina Centrella declared Magistracy independence. The unit gained its current name, Raventhir's Iron Hand, through the actions of its commander John Raventhir III. He led the regiment to break the Marik siege of Thurrock at end of the First Succession War. The unit was renamed in his honor for this achievement. For most of the Succession Wars, the unit was stationed at the Palace of the Magestrix in the city of Crimson.[2]

Liao Raid on Canopus[edit]

In May of 3035, the Andurien-Canopus campaign to conquer Liao had ended in defeat. Raventhir's Iron Hand surprised when Canopus was assaulted by McCarron's Armored Cavalry's 4th Regiment, Leo's Demons. As part of a raid to remind the Canopian government that they were not safe from Liao. The Iron Hand was nearly overrun by the ferocity of the mercenaries, but they were saved by the leadership of Emma Centrella. She led the counteroffensive with the Iron Hand and other Magistracy Guard units to blunt the attack.[3]

Early 3060s[edit]

As of 3064, the unit was barely veteran status, having not seen combat since 3035, Andurien Secession conflict.[2] The unit became unlike a parade unit, with few technology upgrades among their troops. Only its commanding officer had been issued a new Capellan Yu Huang Assault 'Mech.[2] Efforts had been made to upgrade the force, including a new Armor Battalion consisting of Heavy LRM Carriers and Light SRM Carriers. Despite the majority of the unit slowly losing its skills, the infantry battalion had retained its elite status, since it was consistently being rotated into frontline forces every six months. The Infantry was employed to protect the Magestrix herself.

Blakist Invasion of Canopus[edit]

In May 3068, the Word of Blake's 34th Division conducted an assault against Canopus. The Iron Hand moved to meet them in outskirts of the capital city of Crimson. The Iron Hands managed to battle the 34th Division from the emplacement bunkers. The bunkers allowed the outnumbered Iron Hands to fight Blakist to a standstill briefly with its 'Mech and Armored Vehicle formations. However, Raventhir's Infantry Guard was not at the battle itself. They were guarding the Magestrix and other VIPs. Blakist Infantry of the 34th Division inserted themselves in complex where the Magestrix was located and slaughter Iron Hand Infantry and captured their charges. The main unit itself was overwhelmed eventually, with only a few of its MechWarriors managing to escape the unit's destruction.[4]

As of 3077, survivors of the Iron Hand were transferred to rebuild the First Canopian Cuirassiers. With the Iron Hand's last commanding officer, Jason Raventhir, missing and presumed dead, the unit was at the time not being considered to be rebuilt.[5]


While Raventhir's Iron Hand hadn't been rebuilt by 3079,[6] Magestrix Naomi Centrella ordered the rebuilding of the Iron Hand immediately following the end of the Jihad. The Magestrix appointed Major Jeremy Raventhir of the 1st Raventhir Cuirassiers as commanding officer of the reconstituted Raventhir's Iron Hand, rebuilding the unit using a combination of the top-ranking cadets from the Emma Centrella Martial Academy and a cadre of elite veterans drawn from regiments throughout the Magistracy Armed Forces.[7]

The Dark Age[edit]

Having rebuilt to battalion strength, the Iron Hand promptly resumed their standard pattern of duties; two companies of the Iron Hand assumed guard duty on Canopus IV and at the Palace of the Magestrix, while a third company rotated out onto various Canopian border worlds to gain experience. The Iron Hand was soon proving its mettle against those who would harm the Magistracy; the Third Company had only recently mustered to full strength and deployed to the world of Bass in July 3085 when the planet was attacked by a raiding party numbering at least two companies in strength. The raiders, believed to originate from Astrokaszy, expected Bass to be unguarded and had arrived with the intent of capturing and enslaving a number of the locals. The Third Company violently disabused the raiders of this notion, slamming into the enemy landing zone and pushing them back. The raiders tried to fall back to their DropShips, only to have the Iron Hand attack and disable the DropShips in turn. Choosing to surrender, the raiders were subsequently executed outside the rebuilt provincial academy in Magestrix Square.[7]

In the 3120s the Iron Hand shifted away from recruiting the best graduates from the Emma Centrella Martial Academy, instead recruiting more and more graduates from the Canopian Institute of War, which had been rebuilt after the Jihad. By 3145 almost all of the Iron Hand's intake of recruits was being drawn from the CIW. The Iron Hand continued to be based on Canopus - and continued to receive the best equipment Majesty Metals and Manufacturing produced. However, while the bulk of the regiment remained on Canopus, following the marriage of Magestrix Ilsa Centrella to the ruler of the Duchy of Andurien a company from the Iron Hand was assigned to postings in the Duchy, with the chosen company rotating every three months, helping the Iron Hand to maintain their combat skills.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Raventhir's Iron Hand
Major Vernyce Alkobar 3025[9]
Major Mariann Tudor 3050[10][11]
Colonel Jason Raventhir 3064 - 3067[2][12]
Colonel Jeremy Raventhir 3085[13]
Colonel Kaci Dotson 3145[14]


The unit was trained in defensive actions.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Magistracy Guards (BattleMech Battalion)[15]

2786 - 2821[edit]

Magistracy Guards (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[16]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV. In 2821 the command was reduced to 47 percent of its strength and was deployed on Canopus IV.[16]


Raventhir's Iron Hand (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[17]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV with an operational readiness of 78 percent.[17]


Raventhir's Iron Hand (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[17]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Canopus IV with an operational readiness of 37 percent.[17]


Raventhir's Iron Hand (Veteran/Fanatical)[9]

  • CO: Major Vernycö Alkebar


Raventhir’s Iron Hand (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[18]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Canopus IV.[18]


Raventhir's Iron Hand (BattleMech Regiment)[10][11]

  • CO: Major Mariann Tudor


Raventhir's Iron Hand (BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[2][12]

  • 2nd Battalion: Major Forrest Smith
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Andrea Carlson

Raventhir's Air Guard (Air Lance/Veteran/Fanatical)[2][12]

Raventhir's Armor Guard (2 [[Battalions/Regular/Fanatical)[2][12]

  • CO: Force Major Joshua Nielson II

Raventhir's Infantry Guard (Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[2][12]


Raventhir's Iron Hand (Veteran/Fanatical)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Jeremy Raventhir

Raventhir's Air Guard (1 Squadron/Veteran/Fanatical)[13]

  • CO: Commander Akane Sato

Raventhir's Armor Guard (Regular/Reliable)[13]

  • CO: Force Major David Dirix

Raventhir's Infantry Guard (Elite/Fanatical)[13]

  • CO: Colonel Emmet Phil


Raventhir's Iron Hand (Elite/Fanatical)[14]

Raventhir's Air Guard (Elite/Fanatical)[14]

Raventhir's Armor Guard (Veteran/Fanatical)[14]

Raventhir's Infantry Guard (Elite/Fanatical)[14]


Commander Asia Bannor led the glory parade of the first Martial Olympiad to take place since the fall of the first Star League.[19]

Game Rules[edit]


  • When rolling to determine skill levels randomly Raventhir's Iron Hand adds a +1 bonus to the result of the dice roll.[20]
  • When units from the Raventhir's Iron Hand are being determined randomly one unit out of every four may be generated from the Duchy of Andurien/Free Worlds League RAT.[20]


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