Ray Arrastia

Ray Arrastia
Occupation Game Designer
BattleTech Line Developer
User name on Sarna BTW Gideon
BattleTech forum handle Adrian Gideon

Ray "Adrian Gideon" Arrastia is an illustrator, graphic designer and layout artist on a large number of Catalyst Game Labs' BattleTech books. He is also the creator of the Quick-Strike Rules system.[1]

Arrastia was the BattleTech Assistant Line Developer from 25 May 2017 to 13 September 2019, before becoming the full Line Developer for BattleTech.


An avid gamer and hobbyist since middle school, Arrastia has been working as a graphic designer for twenty years. Slowly moving from playing to working in the gaming industry, initially working as a freelancer for FanPro, Arrastia joined the Catalyst Game Labs staff in 2010.


Arrastia is among the authors to have similarly named in-universe characters: Raymond Aristarkhov and Raymond Gideon.

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