Raymond-Roger Marsin

Raymond-Roger Marsin
AffiliationHouse Marsin
Title(s)Duke of June

Raymond-Roger Marsin was the commander of the Crucis March Militia after the conclusion of the Jihad.[1]


Only distantly related to the famous House Marsin that figured so promptly in the early years of New Avalon, Raymond-Roger Marsin was born on the Outback world of June.[2] Believing himself destined for something great, Marsin used his family's sizable industrial fortune as a springboard to success at NAMA and later with the AFFS. Becoming a company commander in the Remagen Crucis March Militia, Marsin waited in vain to see action during the FedCom Civil War, being among the part of the militia left behind while the rest traveled to the capital. His loyalty to House Davion weakened, partly due to bitterness at not taking part in what at the time promised to be the largest event of his military career and New Avalon's apparent indifference to Periphery pirate raids on the Outback which prompted the breakaway of the worlds which formed the Filtvelt Coalition and the Malagrotta Cooperative.[1]

After receiving command of the Remagen militia in 3074 after the promotion of Jaime Francis to the Crucis March command staff, Marsin then proceeded to publicly and critically badger the AFFS High Command to deal with the piracy problem created as a result of the Outback region of the Federated Suns being neglected. Responding to his criticism, Marsin was given overall command of several regional militia units and instantly set about staging operations against the pirate-controlled Malagrotta Cooperative, repelling pirate raids before proceeding to forcibly retake the worlds of the Cooperative.[1] Marsin's combat operations began with the defeat of a pirate incursion from the Cooperative on the 1st of September 3075, when the Remagen CrMM soundly defeated the pirates on the outback world of Baranda.[3][4]

On September 9, 3075, the Villareal Life and Times reported that Major General Raymond-Roger Marsin had visited the Tom Rollat Memorial Hospital to speak with the thirty-nine victims of the previous week's pirate raid and then in an impromptu conference where he complained about the lack of help from New Avalon before pledging 700,000 pounds of his own fortune to rebuild those homes and businesses that haD felt the sting of piracy and wanton destruction. Some people believed that this action was only his way to gather traction, build his own power base in the Outback and then leave.[5]

Earning considerable public praise for his successes and pro-Outback speeches, Marsin toned down his tirades against Yvonne Steiner-Davion and merely contained the worlds of the Filtvelt Coalition.[1] By August 3079 Marsin had used a combination of the Remagen CrMM and mercenary forces[6] such as the Wyld Stallions[7] had driven the pirates out of the breakaway Malagrotta Cooperative and returned all bar three of the systems to Federated Suns control.[6] [8] While Marsin's efforts in the outback were paying off, he was faced with aggressive noises from the Filtvelt Coalition, rising levels of pirate activity, and systems that had declared themselves independent of the Federated Suns. In response, Marsin increased pressure on the Coalition, forcing the small state to focus its small military on defense, while using personal influence and almost authoritarian measures to funnel defence materiel produced in factories located in the Crucis March into the Crucis March Militia commands, boosting their supplies of conventional equipment.[8]

During the Camelot Summit held on New Avalon in October 3079 the Princess-Regent declared the formation of a new Periphery March, and on the 16th of October 3079 Raymond-Roger Marsin was made a Duke and declared to be Lord of the Periphery March.[9] While the full extent of the honors granted to Marsin were unexpected, it was widely anticipated that the newly minted Duke of June would not only finish the integration of the worlds of the former Malagrotta Cooperative but begin measures to bring the various worlds of the Filtvelt Coalition back into the fold.[10]


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