Raymond Bache

Raymond Bache
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Affiliation Terran Alliance

Raymond Bache was the first human to travel through hyperspace.[1]


Hyperspace Exploration[edit]

With the successful movement through hyperspace by the first JumpShip (part of the Deimos Project) on September 3, 2107, engineers continued to refine the navigational sensors that helped guide faster than light events. The use of animal testing during follow-on automated jumps showed drops of internal temperatures of no more than two degrees and minor changes in the forces during the transit.[2][1]

In February 2108, Raymond Bache became the first person to experience faster than light travel as a passenger on a hyperspace jump test. Dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms similar to motion sickness were reported by Raymond to the monitoring scientists, but he never developed any long-term effects. The scientific community continued human testing until they concluded that these side effects were an unavoidable part of the hyperspace event.[1]

The success of this mission and the tests Raymond endured, led the way for the first manned vessel, the TAS Pathfinder, to visit another world.[1]

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