Raymond Cameron

Raymond Cameron
AffiliationHouse Cameron
ProfessionDirector General
ParentsAlexander Ellis (father)
Margaret Cameron (mother)[1]
SiblingsBrian Cameron[1]
Judith Cameron
SpouseKatherine McQuiston[1]

Raymond Cameron was a House Cameron noble, military officer, and fourth Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.

Character Description[edit]

For most of Raymond's adult life, he had physical deformities that covered his body. As he grew older, he would become increasingly aggressive and irrational.[1]


Early Life and Career[edit]

The eldest son of Margaret Cameron, Raymond grew up to become a pilot for the Hegemony Armed Forces. His piloting career was cut short after the fighter he was piloting had an accident which left Raymond disfigured and with health problems.

When Raymond was 34 years old, he married Katherine McQuiston from the Federation of Skye. She was a member of one of the founding families of the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

As Director-General of the Terran Hegemony[edit]

When Margaret Cameron's health began to suffer from fighting years of cervical cancer which made her frail, she advocated for her son Raymond to take her place as Director-General.[3] The Hegemony High Council, despite his being sterile, placed Raymond's name on the ballot to be voted on by the people to become her successor.

As Director-General, he continued his mother's tough trade restrictions on technology despite the hope from the Lyran Commonwealth that his marriage with a scion of the nation would soften his views. Due to the amount of focus Raymond put on the affairs of the state, it was around this time that his wife felt abandoned and began an affair with his brother, Brian.

In 2385, the world of Bryant had grown tired of the mandatory enlistment from Margaret Cameron's "The Military Recruitment and Preparedness Bill." They voted to have Director-General Raymond alter the law so its citizens would no longer have to conscript to the Hegemony Armed Forces. Raymond did not respond kindly to their actions. He threatened the people of Bryant by cutting off all funds to their world as well as retaliating with a military assault because of their dissidence. The threat caused the people of Bryant to withdraw their protest of the law.

As time went on, he became even more irrational, which caused his orders and mandates to be more heavy-handed. This in turn made the Hegemony government become more resistant to the orders that he issued. Raymond is then forced to take emergency action to allow the laws that he desires to become official.

Late 2387, Raymond's wife, Katherine McQuiston, becomes pregnant. It is not his child due to his sterility which creates a national scandal when it is found out that the child's father is Brian Cameron, his brother. Due to his brother's actions, Raymond is brought to the breaking point and has his brother arrested. The public believed that Raymond would file charges of treason against his brother. The high council stepped in in an attempt to persuade him to change his mind about putting his brother on trial. Despite their best efforts, they failed. After the meeting with the high council, Raymond goes into the cloak room within the Halls of Justice and suffers a fatal heart attack.[1]

Amidst the scandal of his wife's child with Brian and the subsequent investigation into the Director-General's death, the high council would name the son of Terran Congress President Sonya DuKirl, Mitchell DuKirl, as Director-General Pro Tem until a permanent successor could be found.[1]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Raymond was sterile and unable to father any children. His wife, through an affair with his brother, had a son named Richard. Raymond would later be succeeded by his brother a year later after an investigation to help free Brian from prison.[4]


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