Rebecca Fetladral

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Rebecca Fetladral
Character Profile
Born 2696
Affiliation Star League
Rank Commanding General

General Rebecca Fetladral was the 7th Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force, and later became the CO of the Engineering Sub-Command.[1]


Rebecca was a close friend of Jocasta Cameron, she received her appointment from First Lord Jonathan Cameron based on his sister Jocasta's advice.[2]

General Fetladral was responsible for the organization and execution of Operation Smother, which quickly ended the Second Hidden War. Though Jonathan was nominally First Lord, his mental illness had caused Jocasta to become the de facto ruler of the Star League, and it was Jocasta who showed Fetladral copies of Jonathan's letters predicting the destruction of the League. These "prophetic warnings" greatly disturbed the general, causing her to push for the construction of new fortifications and training of new troops, along with the completion of the Space Defense System. The eagerness with which she went about reinforcing the SLDF created much controversy, especially from the other Great Houses.[2][3]

General Fetladral immediately resigned when First Lord Jonathan died in 2738, citing her fatigue from constant controversy as a reason for her early retirement. She recommended as her replacement the one person she thought could save the Star League from Jonathan's nightmarish visions: her aide, Aleksandr Kerensky.[2]

The General's granddaughter, Elise Fetladral also served in the SLDF and departed in Operation EXODUS, eventually becoming the Bloodfounder of Bloodhouse Fetladral.[4]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Commanding Officer of the Engineering Sub-Command

Succeeded by


The entries for the Sovetskii Soyuz-class WarShip in Technical Readout: 2750 (1989), Technical Readout: 3057, and Technical Readout: 3057 Revised mention General Rebecca Fredasa. Given the accompanying timeline it is clear that Rebecca Fetladral was the intended name, and the error was an unintentional melding her name with Ikolor Fredasa who had first been introduced in The Star League the year prior (1988). Interestingly, this error likely resulted in naming the Fredasa-class WarShips after the convicted traitor Ikolor Fredasa instead of the faithful General Rebecca Fetladral.


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