Record Book Eleven: Gray Death Legion & Kell Hounds

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MFUK RS11.jpg
Mechforce UK Record Book Eleven
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Bob Nicholls & Tracy Williams
Primary writing Jos Williams
Pages 52
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published December 1998


MFUK Record Sheets Eleven contains record sheets for the Gray Death Legion and Kell Hounds 'Mech units upgraded with Clantech in 3058, also included is a Battle Value (1.0) for each.


  • Gray Death Legion
Locust 1-GD
Stinger 3-GD
Cicada 2-GD
Clint 2-GD
Phoenix Hawk 1-GD
Shadow Hawk 2-GD
Wolverine 6-GD
Thunderbolt 5-GD
Warhammer 6-GD
Marauder 3-GD
Victor 9-GD
Highlander 732-GD
Banshee 5-GD
  • Kell Hounds
Locust 1-KH
Wasp 2-KH
Tarantula 2C-HK
Valkyrie QA-KH
Firestarter 9-KH
Jenner KH
Panther 6-KH
Panther 6-KH-V2
Wolfhound 1-KH
Blackjack 1-KH
Vindicator 1-KH
Enforcer 4-KH
Hunchback 4-KH
Trebuchet 5-KH
Bushwacker 2-KH
Griffin 1-KH
Wolverine 6-KH
Dragon 1-KH
Quickdraw 6-KH
Rifleman 3-KH
Mad Dog KH
Catapult 1-KH
Catapult 2-KH
Jagermech 8-KH
Archer 5-KH
Caesar 3-KH
Cataphract 3-KH
Grasshopper 5-KH
Black Knight 6-KH
Flashman 8-KH
Marauder 3-KH
Timber Wolf KH
Timber Wolf KHC
Awesome 8-KH
Battlemaster 1-KH
Executioner-Comm KH-C
Executioner 1-KH
Atlas 7-KH