Record Sheets: 3050

Rs3050-cover 150.jpg
Record Sheets: 3050
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Bryan Nystul
Pages 256
Cover Artwork Les Dorscheid
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code FASA 1696
First published 2002[1]
ISBN-10 1555602851
Era Clan Invasion


Record Sheets: 3050 compiled all of the variants (at the time) of the units that were in Technical Readout: 3050, as well as variants and alternate configurations. The book provides more than 250 record sheets, with game information for the weapons used by each unit.

The record sheets in this supplement were created using the program 'Mech Designer version 2.5dß. Programmed by Tracy Kannar of FMS Techniques, Inc., only available on the Macintosh.[2]

From the back cover[edit]

After more than two hundred years of unrelenting war, the Inner Sphere seemed to stand on the brink of peace. Then, without warning, the Clans invaded, their advanced OmniMechs crushing all who stood in their way. Now the Inner Sphere's only hope lies in setting aside age-old hatreds and joining forces to turn the tide before Terra, the cradle of humanity, falls to the Clan onslaught.

BattleTech Record Sheets: 3050 Provides more than 250 filled-out record sheets for the BattleMechs, tanks, hovercraft and VTOLs described in BattleTech Technical Readout: 3050, including variants and alternate configurations. As an added feature, the game information for the relevant weapons and equipment appears on each record sheet for easy reference.


This book is primarily designed to provide record sheets but also contains a section of blank sheets of the various types of units in the book and a summary sheet for hit locations, movement modifiers and other similar elements used during the game. An introduction and credits page provide information on technology bases used by the units described in the book. Finally, an appendix lists all the different sheets sorted by name and variant, listing their combat value, tonnage and cost.


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