Record Sheets: 3067

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Record Sheets: 3067
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Pages 258
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski & Kai Spannuth[1]
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code FPR 10971
First published 2003[2]


Record Sheets: 3067 compiled all of the variants of the units that were in Technical Readout: 3067. It also provided 100 record sheets for 'Mech variants listed in Technical Readout: 3055 and Technical Readout: 3058.[3]

From the back cover[edit]

With war a constant fact of life for the last five years, the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance have pushed massive resources into deploying new units as quickly as possible. Additionally, they have continued to refit classic 'Mech designs to better cope with the current devastating firepower found on the modern battlefield. The other Houses and Clans have encountered their own conflicts and have also fielded their own new units of destruction.


Ajax Assault Tank
Ajax A
Ajax В
Akuma AKU-1X
Akuma AKU-1XJ
Anubis ABS-3L
Anubis ABS-3R
Anubis ABS-3T
Arcas 2
Archer ARC-6S
Archer ARC-6W
Archer ARC-7L
Archer ARC-6M
Argus AGS-2D
Argus AGS-4D
Banshee BNC-7S
Barghest BGS-3T
BattleMaster 3LR-4S
BattleMaster 3LR-5M
BattleMaster 3LR-CM
BattleMaster 3LR-K3
Blackjack BJ2-0E
Blood Kite
Blood Kite 2
Bloodhound B1-HND
Bloodhound B2-HND
Blue Flame BLF-21
Bowman 2
Brigand LDT-1
Brigand LDT-X1
Brigand LDT-X2
Catapult СР1ЛС5
Catapult СР1ЛН2
Centaur 3
Charger CGR-2A2
Chimera CMA-1S
Chimera CMA-C
Commando COM-4H
Crimson Langur A
Crimson Langur В
Crimson Langur С
Crimson Langur PRIME
Cronus CNS-5M
Cronus CRS-3M
Crusader CRD-5K
Crusader CRD-7L
Crusader CRD-8S
Cyclops CP-11-H
Enforcer III ENF-6T
Enyo Strike Tank
Exterminator EXT-5E
Fafnir FNR-5
Fafnir FNR-5B
Fire Falcon E
Firestarter FS9-C
Firestarter FS9-OE
Firestarter FS9-OF
Fortune Wheeled Assault Vehicle
Garm GRM-01C
Glaive Medium Tank
Glory Heavy Fire Support Vehicle
Glory (Light Gauss Rifle Variant)
Goliath GOL-2H
Goliath GOL-3S
Goliath GOL-4S
Goliath GOL-5D
Gorgon 3
Griffin IIC 2
Griffin IIC 3
Griffin IIC 4
Griffin GRF-5M
Griffin GRF-6CS
Griffin GRF-6S
Gurkha GUR-2G
Gurkha GUR-4G
Harpy 3
Hauptmann HA1-OC
Heimdall Ground Monitor Tank
Heimdall A
Hellfire 2
Hellion A
Hellion В
Hellion С
Hellion PRIME
Hellspawn HSN-7D
Hellspawn HSN-8E
Hellspawn HSN-9F
Hephaestus Scout Tank
Hephaestus A
Hephaestus В
Hollander II BZK-F7
Hunchback HBK-5H
Hussar HSR-500-D
Hydra 3
JagerMech JM6-H
JagerMech JM7-F
Kintaro КТО-21
Lao Hu LHU-2B
Lao Hu LHU-3B
Lao Hu LHU-3C
Legacy LGC-01
Legacy LGC-02
Lightray LGH-4W
Lightray LGH-4Y
Lightray LGH-5W
Locust IIC 2
Locust IIC 3
Locust IIC 4
Locust IIC 5
Locust LCT-1V
Locust LCT-5M
Locust LCT-5V
Loki С (Hellbringer)
Mad Cat Mk II
Main Gauche Light Support Tank
Main Gauche (CP Variant)
Main Gauche (XL Variant)
Manteuffel Attack Tank
Manteuffel A
Manteuffel В
Marauder II MAD-4H
Marauder II MAD-4S
Marauder II С
Marauder IIC 2
Marauder IIC 3
Marauder MAD-5L
Marauder MAD-5R
Marauder MAD-5T
Marauder MAD-7D
Marauder MAD-9M
Marauder MAD-9S
Mars (ATM Variant)
Marshal MHL-2L
Minion Advanced Tactical Vehicle
Minion (TAG Variant)
Minion (Targeting Computer Variant) 326
Minotaur 3 396
Morningstar City Command Vehicle 412
Morningstar (Company Command Variant)350
Morningstar (Laser Variant) 601
Morrígú (Laser Variant) 935
Morrígú Fire Support Vehicle 1,232
Musketeer Hover Tank 834
Musketeer (Armor Variant) 553
Ninja-To NJT-2
Ninja-To NJT-3
No-Dachi NDA-1K
No-Dachi NDA-2K
No-Dachi NDA-2KO
Osiris OSR-3D
Osiris OSR-4D
Ostroc OSR-4C
Ostroc OSR-4L
Ostscout 0TT-9CS
Ostscout OTT-9S
Ostsol OTL-5D
Ostsol OTL-6D
Ostsol OTL-7M
Ostsol OTL-8
Perseus P1
Perseus P1A
Perseus P1B
Perseus P1C
Perseus P1D
Phoenix Hawk IIC 2
Phoenix Hawk IIC 3
Phoenix Hawk IIC 4
Phoenix Hawk PXH-3PL
Phoenix Hawk PXH-4L
Phoenix Hawk PXH-6D
Phoenix Hawk PXH-7CS
Phoenix Hawk PXH-7S
Pinion 2
Rabid Coyote
Raptor RTX1-OE
Raven RVN-4L
Razorback RZK-9S
Red Shift RDS-2A
Red Shift RDS-2B
Rifleman IIC 2
Rifleman IIC
Rifleman IIC 4
Rifleman RFL-6X
Rifleman RFL-7M
Rifleman RFL-8D
Roc 3
Ryoken E (Stormcrow)
Sagittaire SGT-8R
Satyr 3
Savage Coyote A
Savage Coyote В
Savage Coyote С
Savage Coyote PRIME
Scorpion SCP-12C
Scorpion SCP-12S
Sha Yu SYU-2B
Sha Yu SYU-4B
Shadow Hawk 11С 2
Shadow Hawk 11С 3
Shadow Hawk IIC 4
Shadow Hawk SHD-5D
Shadow Hawk SHD-7CS
Shadow Hawk SHD-7M
Shoden Assault Vehicle
Shoden (Streak SRM Variant)
Siren 3
Stiletto ST0-4A
Stiletto ST0-4B
Stinger STG-5R
Stinger STG-6L
Strider SR1-OE
Strike Tank
Stygian (Armor Variant)
Sunder SD1-OC
Templar TLR1-0
Templar TLR1-OA
Templar TLR1-OB
Templar TLR1-ОС
Templar Grayson TLR1-0
Templar Tancred TLR1-0
Tessen TSN-1C
Tessen TSN-C3
Thanatos THS-4S
Thug THG-12E
Thunderbolt TDR-10SE
Thunderbolt TDR-7SE
Thunderbolt TDR-9M
Thunderbolt TDR-9NAIS
Tyr Infantry Support Tank
Uziel UZL-2S
Uziel UZL-3S
Valkyrie VLK-QD1
Valkyrie VLK-QD3
Vanquisher VQR-2A
Vanquisher VQR-2B
Verfolger VR5-R
Victor VTR-10L
Vindicator VND-4L
Warhammer IIC 2
Warhammer IIC 3
Warhammer IIC 4
Warhammer WHM-4L
Warhammer WHM-8D
Warhammer WHM-9D
Warhammer WHM-9S
Wasp WSP-3L
Wasp WSP-3S
White Flame WHF-3B
Whitworth WTH-1H
Wolverine WVR-8C
Wolverine WVR-8D
Wolverine WVR-8K
Wolverine WVR-9D
Zeus ZEU-9T


The trademarked title was Classic BattleTech Readout Sheets: 3067.


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