Record Sheets: 3075

Record Sheets: 3075
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Randall Bills
Primary writing Randall Bills
Bjorn Schmidt
Pages 141
Cover artwork Michael Komarck
Illustrations Doug Chaffee
Brent Evans
Matt Plog
Florian Stitz
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35167
First published 2010
ISBN-13 978-1-934857-52-9


A companion to Total Warfare, Record Sheets: 3075 is the printed version of Technical Readout: 3075. The book includes Rules Addendums for Advanced Rules that a player may use in his or her game. This includes a Quick Start list to create Manei Domini pilots/warriors for specialized BattleMechs & Battle Armor. Two scenarios designed for players to fight Manei Domini have also been included in book as well.



The record sheet book excluded a number of types units from the TRO. They are Industrial 'Mechs, Support Vehicles, Conventional Aircraft, Small Craft, Royal SLDF Variants (Vehicles/Mechs/Fighters), & WarShips from the Technical Readout itself.

This differs from the PDF-only version called Record Sheets: 3075 Unabridged, which has same basic units, but includes variants of principle units listed. The e-book also has SLDF Terran Hegemony's Royal SLDF, Age of War variants, and each section was broken up by faction & era.

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