Record Sheets: Unique Fighters

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Record Sheets: Unique Fighters
Product information
Type Mini-TRO/Record Sheets
Development Randall Bills & Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing See Writer Section
Pages 32
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published
Era Various


Record Sheets: Unique Fighters is a canonincal PDF-only hybrid Technical Readout/Record Sheets book which includes Technical Readout-style information on the unique AeroSpace Fighters and Conventional Aircraft.

The second in two projects created by subscribers to the BattleCorps website, this project created aerospace fighters based on a existing design and write background story for it. Unlike the previous project, Record Sheets: Unique 'Mechs, this effort did not produce a singular winner, but a group of fans who were chosen as winning entries would get published in this product.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Record Sheets: Unique Fighters is a completely fan-written project, with each custom entry chosen by judges from a pool of entries and then presented in this Technical Readout form so that you'll be able to see the winners in all their glory.

Following the text are the official record sheets for each entry, so you can test these new variants of tried-and-true aerospace fighters in your own games.


Each Fighters entry is written by the following;

  • Timothy "Elyorct" Croyle
  • Gerald "Absalom" Getskow
  • Joel "Welshman" Bancroft-Connors
  • Bruce "Heimdall" Ford
  • Alfred ""AW Prime" van Ramshorst
  • Jack "Jackmc" Mc Crary
  • Spencer "Free Skye" McIIvaine



It should be noted, that Record Sheets methods used to make these designs were made on Heavy Metal Aero, which uses older pre-Total Warfare fight construction rules.

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