Red Stripe Raiders

Red Stripe Raiders
Disbanded 1 August 3143
Affiliation Pirates
Parent Command Independent

The Red Stripe Raiders were a small pirate band active on Jerangle until their destruction in 3143.[1]


On 31 July 3143, the Red Stripe Raiders attempted to raid Jerangle's Potsdam Town. They declared the town to be their subjects and demanded money and supplies. A day later, returning for their loot, they were attacked by a Kit Fox piloted by one of the townspeople, Katie Ferraro. Their poorly maintained 'Mechs fell quickly, and the remaining pirates were arrested.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Red Stripe Raiders



Composition History[edit]

The Red Stripe Raiders, before their 3143 defeat, held a Crossbow and a Sentinel, both poorly maintained, as well as a hovertruck.[1]

Colors and Uniform[edit]

The Red Stripe Raiders sloppily painted their BattleMechs black with red stripes. Their uniform was similarly painted, likely with the same paint: black jumpsuits with a red stripe on the front, accompanied by masks, helmets, and/or goggles sufficient to conceal their faces.[1]


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