Reed's Brew

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Reed's Brew
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A

The small mercenary battalion that was also known for brewing beer while under contract with the Circinus Federation.



The unit was formed in early 3050s by several former Federated Commonwealth soldiers who deserted Clan frontlines of Clan Invasion. The mercenaries established themselves in the Circinus Federation, where they found work reinforcing the Black Warriors.

In 3056, the unit commander, Major Burly Reed, was very unsatisfied with the quality of beer found in the Federation. So he estiblished as side business as beer brewery, using unit's name. The mercenaries side of Brew became security force for the nascent (and phenomenally successful) brewery business[1].

During the Marian Hegemony invasion of 3066, Reed's Brew's founder, Major Burly Reed, was killed. Lucas "Hurly" Reed, the younger brother of Burly, took command of the unit and the brewery. He expanded operations of the brewery and established a second brewery on Galatea in 3067, leaving the original brewery in the Circinus Federation under the control of his ex-wife[2].

Because of the large capital expenses associated with the expanding beer production, Lucas Reed was forced to contract Reed's Brew as mercenaries again.

However, the unit suffered from declining rating due to lack of combat over the years, as of 3067 the unit was unemployed.


In 3068 was approached by the Word of Blake, but declined due to stigma that would come with being associated with them. Luck changed late in the year when Mr. Askai offered long-term contract for an anonymous employer. The contract stipulated that Reed's Brew would defend some worlds within the Free Worlds League, while conducting raids in the Rim Commonality and the Duchy of Andurien. In addition, Mr. Askai's employer agreed to distribute the mercenary company's beer through a number outlets across the Free Worlds League. Major Reed accepted and leased a small JumpShip and a pair of DropShips for the 18-month campaign.

Reed's Brew began raiding in February of 3069 on Fadiffolu, where the unit struck against Contart Mining facility. The unit easily overpowered the planetary militia and took several tons of ore. The unit's confidence grew until they ran into an ambush by a mysterious force on Tohelet (also in 3069). Despite Major Reed's determination to break their unit's stigma of party patrol from Federation years, the unit took heavy losses as they were forced to withdraw.

The ambush was a wake-up call, Major Reed hired two former League officers to instill the unit discipline and improved tactics. The training helped dramatically. The unit had become a battle-hardened fighting force once the contract with Mr. Askai was completed in 3070. During their contract, Reed's Brew had captured 1,200 tons of merchandise through their raids.

In 3069, the unit raided Tohelet and fought and then withdraw after facing Cumberland's Missiliers.[3]

During the unit's two-month furlough in the Capellan Confederation, Mr. Askai had once again re-hired the unit for another contract to raid locations along the Combine-Federated Suns border. Through their increasing success, Reed's Brew has expanded its brewery business to other worlds, such as Loongana where a new brewery was being constructed[4].


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Reed's Brew
Captain Burly Reed 3058
Major Lucas "Hurly" Reed 3067


The unit trained extensively in raiding by late 3069, developing method of their recon units using ECM to jam enemy forces.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: D


Dragoon Rating: C

Composition History[edit]


Reed’s Brew (2 Lances|Regular|Questionable)[5]


Reed’s Brew (2 lances) (2 Lances/Regular/Questionable) [6]

  • CO: Captain Burly Reed [6]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Clayborne II. [6]


Reed’s Brew (1 BattleMech Battalion)

  • CO: Major Lucas "Hurly" Reed
  • XO: Captain Samuel "Whig" Smada

- 30% of the unit been upgraded to Star League Technology.

Reed’s Roughnecks (1 Infantry Company)

  • CO: Captain William "Bud" Ironman
  • XO: Lieutenant Mick "Old Man" Lobenstein

- provide security for the base and brewery.


Game Rules[edit]

The Reed's Brew roll one unit out four from B column from Free World League rolling table found in Field Manuel Updates. If the unit is the attacker, it gains a +1 to its initiative. However, the bonus remains in effect if it succeeds beating the opposing player's initiative rolls more than one-fourth of the time.[7]


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