A Refrector is an official within the Capellan Confederation who serves as the representative of a planet's population to its noble ruler. The position was officially created by Sundermann Liao in response to the reign of "Kalvin the Mad" and the institution of forced relocation, as a way for the people to voice their anger to their government in a productive manner. Refrectors may appeal to a Diem or their superiors on behalf of an individual or group or - in rare cases - may appeal the House of Scions itself. The inviolability of the position is guaranteed by both the House of Scions and the Prefectorate.[1][2]

In theory a refrector is chosen from among the people for whom they represent and charged with looking out for their well-being.[1] In practice, refrectors are appointed from among the noble class, and even those who took their task seriously quickly found it almost impossible to stand against the will of the nobility. Within a generation of its creation, the vast majority of those appointed to the refrector position were abusing it for their own agenda.[2]

Typically a refrector also served as commander of their planet's militia forces.[1] However, with the institution of the Xin Sheng Campaign, militia forces throughout the Confederation increasingly came under the authority of the Home Guard.[3]


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