Regina McQuiston

Regina McQuiston
Character Profile
Born 2447
Died 2471
Affiliation House McQuiston
Title(s) Grafina of Loch Lomarr
Profession Noble
Spouse Michael Steiner[1]
Children Rutger Steiner [2]

Regina McQuiston was a Lyran noble and the wife of Archon Michael Steiner.



In 2471, the Archon Michael Steiner held a double wedding with his brother. Michael married Duchess of Skye, Regina McQuiston, the last of the original Skye founding family. His brother Steven married an LCAF regimental tank commander, named Margaret Olsen. The marriage ceremony, was to be seen as a festive and happy event for the Commonwealth was almost derailed by news of their younger sister Tatyana's suicide. Michael, determined to carry on with the ceremony, did not allow the darkness of their sister's illness cripple their future.


A month after his marriage with Regina, an earthquake struck Tharkad City, destroying the Triad and damaging the palace. Michael's bride, Regina was killed in the quake along with a number of Lyran Representatives. Michael was grief-stricken by her death. He opened the palace up to the survivors of the quake to give them a place to stay. Many of the Steiner nobility attended the refugees by manning kitchens and leading rescue efforts.[1]


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