Regional Defense Force 2

Regional Defense Force 2.png
Regional Defense Force 2
Affiliation Hanseatic League
Parent Command Hanseatic Security Force


Regional Defense Force 2 (RDF 2) was formed as a part of the creation of the Hanseatic Security Force following attempts by a number of colonies to throw off the influences of the Hanseatic League Council of Merchants in or around 2920.[1]

After attempting to enforce a period of isolation from external influences across the League, the Council of Merchants changed track in 3011 and decided to declare three worlds to be open worlds, accessible to all.[1] RDF 2 became the RDF responsible for guarding a swath of worlds along the spinward border of the Hanseatic League.[2]

Captain-General Ri Blum, an outstanding merchant and military leader, was the senior Captain-General within RDF 2 by the mid-3060s, and following clashes with Clan Diamond Shark forces Ri Blum had begun drilling his troops constantly as well as establishing defensive positions dotted across the various worlds for which he was responsible. Increasingly paranoid about the chances of a Clan invasion of the Hanseatic League, Ri Blum was driven into a frenzy whenever a Clan merchant vessel appeared in League space, despite the only confrontations occurring as a result of overeager Hansa pilots attacking Clan vessels.[2]

Ri Blum's paranoia led for some on the Council of Merchants to suggest he should be replaced, but other members of the Council shared Blum's view that an invasion of the League by Clan forces was inevitable, and were reluctant to replace a commander who was otherwise an excellent leader.[2]

By 3067 Blum's paranoia had been justified by a Clan incursion into the region RDF 2 was responsible for and RDF 2 were continuing to train hard in anticipation of future attacks.[3]

In 3073[4] forces from Clan Ice Hellion raided Antwerp, the home base of RDF 2; the superior Clan weaponry more than compensated for the superior numbers RDF 2 could field, and as a result while RDF 2 successfully drove the Ice Hellions off, the RDF took more than fifty percent casualties in the process. Despite the losses taken by RDF 2 the surviving personnel took great pride in having driven off the "Clan invaders".[5]

Clan Cloud Cobra sent a recon mission to the Hanseatic League in 3088. RDF 2 eventually drove it out of the League, destroying two Clusters and the Vincent Mk. 42-class WarShip Pegasus. This action cost the RDF eighty percent of its forces. These severe losses convinced the Council of Merchants that they needed to upgrade their military and infrastructure.[6]

RDF 2 was assigned to drive Escorpión Imperio forces off of a newly colonized world in 3112. The entire RDF, a regiment each of 'Mechs and vehicles, landed on the world. They overwhelmed the 3rd Imperial Guards Cluster, destroying two of the Cluster's five Trinaries. In retaliation the Scorpions destroyed two-thirds of the conventional vehicle regiment and then withdrew to a mountain region. The remaining two Clan Trinaries held out for several months until reinforcements from Hellion Galaxy and Alpha Galaxy arrived. RDF 2 withdrew from the world, now named Holdout, rather than be destroyed.[7]

In 3140 when the Escorpión Imperio invaded, RDF 2 consolidated on Konigsberg. There they faced the entire Alpha Galaxy. Though they held out for two months, they eventually had to surrender.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Regional Defense Force 2
Captain-General Ri Blum 3064 - into the Jihad[2][9]
Captain-General Jelka Pelzer 3140[10]


RDF 2 specializes in defensive warfare aimed at protecting the spinward worlds of the Hanseatic League.[2]

Composition History[edit]

In common with all of the RDF brigades RDF 2 was a combined arms force, and standard deployments for sub-units drawn from RDF 2 typically consisted of a 'Mech company reinforced by one or two battalions of armor and infantry.[11]


Regional Defense Force 2 (Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment
  • 4 Conventional Regiments
  • CO: Captain-General Ri Blum
  • Aide: Major Gemma Berg


Regional Defense Force 2 (Regular/Reliable)[9]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment
  • CO: Captain-General Ri Blum

- At this point in time RDF 2 was at full strength; fifteen percent of the RDF were using advanced equipment. - Conventional forces are not listed within Field Manual: Updates, leaving the strength of the RDF 2 conventional forces unknown.


Regional Defense Force 2 (Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • 1 BattleMech Regiment

- At this point in time RDF 2 was at fifty percent of full strength following the Ice Hellion raid, but fifteen percent of RDF 2 was using upgraded technology. - Conventional forces are not listed within Field Report: Periphery, leaving the strength of the RDF 2 conventional forces unknown.


Regional Defense Force 2 (Veteran)[10]

  • 1 Heavy BattleMech regiment
  • 1 Heavy vehicle regiment
  • 1 Jump infantry regiment

Game Rules[edit]


  • RDF 2 uses the Hanseatic League column of the Random 'Mech Assignment Table within Field Manual: Periphery.
  • Units from RDF 2 receive a +1 Initiative bonus when acting as the defender in any scenario.


  • RDF 2 can use the Sharpshooter special command ability.
  • RDF 2 troops can use the Human TRO special pilot ability.[10]


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