Regulan Free States

Regulan Free States
State Profile
Founding Year 2699
Dissolution year: 3079

The Regulan Free States was a member state of the Free Worlds League from c.2699 until the League's dissolution in 3079.

Originally part of the Principality of Regulus, the Free States was among that province's regions that chose to break away as a result of Captain-General Gerald Marik's campaign against the Regulan-based Scourge of Death. Citing the landmark Camlann vs. Free Worlds decision, the worlds of Cree, Diass, Fieferana, Hindmarsh, Olafsvik and Vosloorus formed the Regulan Free States headed by a pro-Marik civilian government.[1] [2] [3]

By the end of the Third Succession War in 3025, the Free States had shrunk to just three of its original members (Diass, Olafsvik, and Vosloorus) under a feudal autocracy headed by House Stimson. In addition, Regulus had regained enough influence over the Free States that it was little more than a satellite. Nicknamed the "Regulan Not-So-Free States", the province echoed Regulus' initially neutral and later loyalist stance during the Marik Civil War, and in siding with the opposition in the League Parliament.[4] [5] [1] [6] [7]

As of 3067 House Stimson's loyalty had shifted to the staunch support of the reigning Captain-General, Thomas Marik, although the Free States' MPs in Parliament still tended to vote against the Captain-General.[7] [8]

During the Blakist Jihad three regiments of the Regulan Hussars landed on the Free States' member worlds in February 3077 and later drove off opposition from the Marik Commonwealth. Coupled with a successful public relations campaign undertaken by Titus Cameron-Jones this move effectively brought the province back into the Principality of Regulus, although the formal annexation did not take place until some time between 3085 and 3104.[9] [10] [11] [12]


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