Regulus Wrath Stables

Regulus Wrath Stables
Stable Profile
Faction Affiliation Regulan Hussars
Units Used
BattleMechs Yes


The Regulus Wrath Stables was a small Stable fighting in the BBL League. It had Regulan Hussars' leanings.

The Stables facilities are located in Xolara.[1]


The Stable was one of the twelve that returned in 3086 to fight in the BBL.[2]

Because of very different leanings towards the FWL, Regulus Wrath Stables and Black Eagles Stables started with not very good relations, and those even soured since the 3086 season began. It became so bad that BBL officials warned both stables against violence outside the arena.[3]

Tempers flared again between both stables during week fourteen. The Wraths were in fifth place of the global classification, five points better than the seventh-place Eagles, and the result of the fight between Tyrone Dyhr and Chris Rogers soured a bit more relations.[4]

Both Stables were fined five thousand Kroner, and four individuals from both teams, including Dyhr and Rogers, were fined fifteen hundred Kroner. Both stables were warned that any more trouble that year will result in doubled fines and forfeited matches.[5]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]


Notable Personnel[edit]




  • Milton Dons and Bert Goddard are two of the team's techs.[1]


It is not known how many MechWarriors were fighting for the Regulus Wrath Stables.

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Tyler Boyer Dark Age [6]
Rick Dekker Dark Age [7]
Tyrone Dyhr Dark Age [7]
Anne Foster Dark Age [7]

Tactics and Style[edit]




Game Rules[edit]


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