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Replevin Doctrine

Free Worlds League Parliament Special Resolution 512, better known as the Replevin Doctrine, set forth the basis that League's provinces received a share in the spoils of captured territories.


While relations between the League's Parliament and the Captain-General were never smooth, during the reign of Stephan Marik they became especially bitter. With Parliament limited military funding to punish the Captain-General and Stephan made from the same abrasive in the mold of his father Thaddeus refused to be cowed, neither side gave ground as the FWLM caught in an endless cycle of success seemingly counteracted by failures of equal proportions until the Deep Raid of 2987. [1] [2]

Recognizing a weakness in the League's defense along the Marik-Liao border after the last bout of fighting between both parties, Alessandro Steiner sent an LCAF task-force under cover of a commercial freighter deep into Marik space to target a half-built light BattleMech factory on Ling. [3][4] While able to extract a measure of revenge by inflicting heavy damage as the Lyran forces proceeded to raid other interior worlds before returning home, the loss of the vital factory finally forced Stephan to swallow his pride. [2]

Desperate for the cooperation of dissident provinces to enable him to obtain sufficient funding for his continued efforts against the Lyrans and Capellans, Stephan finally agreed to accept further concessions and limitations on powers of the Captain-General, most notably Special Resolution 512. Signed into law on September 12th 2989, under the basis of Replevin, Special Resolution 512 stated that as the provinces had contributed funding to maintain the military of the League, that they were also allowed the right to participate in the division of the spoils of war from territories conquered by the FWLM. The passing of this and Special Resolution 523, giving Parliament greater say in military dispositions, finally loosened the purse strings and restored the League's military to full strength. [5] [2] [6]

While Stephan resented the Doctrine, his eldest son and successor Janos Marik would later turn it to his advantage. As part of his diplomatic efforts to secure the loyalty of provincial governments during the early stages of Marik Civil War, Janos offered handsome monetary payments in returns for their endorsement of Order 1136 which made those provincial units that joined his brother Anton's rebellion subject to the Replevin Doctrine, further cementing support to defeat his brothers forces.[7] [8] Janos' son Thomas Marik would also make use of the Replevin Doctrine in the wake of the Andurien Secession, seizing the matériel of the Defenders of Andurien to outfit the Free Worlds Legionnaires. [9]


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