Republic of Marik

Republic of Marik
State Profile
Founding Year 2241[1]
Dissolution year: 2246[1]
Capital world: Marik[1]


The Republic of Marik was one of a number of small states and proto-states within the region of space which later became the Free Worlds League. Sometimes referred to as the Marik Republic, the Republic of Marik was a relatively short-lived state, existing between 2241 and 2246.[1]


The heart of the Republic of Marik was the world of Marik, represented during the 2230s within the Terran Alliance by Senator Charles Marik. Charles had held back from the Outer Reaches Rebellion initially, but the increasing demands placed on Marik to support the Terran Alliance military campaign ostracized many, and when the military campaign ended in 2237 Charles threw his lot in with the rebels.[1][2]

Between the Marik declaration of independence in 2238 and the formal adoption of a new constitution in 2241 numerous rival factions attempted to have their preferred constitutions adopted; ruthless and highly skilled behind a dissembling exterior, Charles fought off such opposing proposals as the Klondyke Constitution and the proposals of Allard Karsegian through various means, including outright bribery, and when his constitution was adopted in 2241 several of Charles’ bitterest rivals became his business partners, a testimony to the pragmatic and skilled approach Charles had taken. With the adoption of the constitution four prosperous worlds including Marik were bound together as the core of the new Republic of Marik.[2][1]

While the Republic of Marik began with the adoption of the constitution proposed by Charles Marik in 2241, Charles had declared Marik independent of the Terran Alliance in 2238; the Terran Alliance only formally recognized this independence in 2242 when confirmation of the Republic's independence was formally acknowledged within the Demarcation Declaration.[1]

Charles and his sons spent several years attempting to persuade other worlds to join the Republic through diplomatic means, but when the various offers and proposals fell on deaf ears Charles began a military campaign in 2245 to expand his realm by force. When Republic of Marik forces conquered the world of Atreus in 2246, Charles reinvented the Republic as a new state, the Marik Commonwealth.[2][1]


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