Requiem for a Blue Star

WWE2019 Requiem for a Blue Star (Cover Art).jpg
Requiem for a Blue Star (World Wide Event 2019)
Product information
Type Scenario (PDF)
Development Alex Kaempen
Primary writing Alex Kaempen
Pages 17
Cover artwork Doug Chaffee
Interior artwork Anthony Scroggins (uncredited)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35WWE19
First published 2019
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 18-22 March 3150
Series Worldwide Event
Preceded by Dig, Defend, or Die

Requiem for a Blue Star was the 2019 Worldwide Event for BattleTech. Though the event was developed and run under the auspices of the Catalyst Demo Team, the scenarios were subsequently offered as free downloads in PDF format by Catalyst Game Labs via their webstore.

The event depicts a mercenary unit and a Republic of the Sphere covert unit in the late Dark Age Era facing off on the recently disclosed lost periphery world of Buffalo Meadows in the Draconian Drift. This world harbors the remains of the SLDF's 295th BattleMech Division, and the mercenaries hope to recover the vintage SLDF BattleMechs for use in the struggles in the Inner Sphere.


Being published directly via CGL (and given a CGL product code) marks the Requiem for a Blue Star scenario booklet fully canonical.


The file includes a scenario for classic BattleTech (boardgame) named "Finders Keepers" and an Alpha Strike scenario named "...It Simply Means The River Bends".

Publisher's Description[edit]

From the CGL webstore:

After 200 years of being lost to the Inner Sphere the remains of 295th BattleMech Division was discovered in 3021. The fate of a lost Star League division could be penciled in. But for ComStar, this was not welcome news. The division was only a few jumps beyond the Inner Sphere, too far to bring the equipment back covertly, but close enough to the Lyran Commonwealth and especially the Draconis Combine to be a potential source for them. So ComStar hid them, and for 130 years the secret remained just that.

But people talk and secrets leak.

Requiem for a Blue Star was the 2019 BattleTech World Wide Event depicting the clash between Bartlett's Boxers and La Grande Armée. This PDF-only product includes the Total Warfare and Alpha Strike scenarios as well as the final results of the event.



  • In what amounts to official errata, author Alex Kaempen clarified that all references to the "Draconis Reach" region (a contested region of space between the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns) are in error and should read "Draconian Drift" instead (a periphery region beyond the Draconis Combine).
  • The cover art for the PDF was originally used for Technical Readout: 3085.
  • Artwork found in the book is uncredited.
  • This product introduced the Buffalo Meadows and 1245K3 systems as well as the Bartlett's Boxers and La Grande Armée units.
  • The outcome tally of the Worldwide Event published in this publication indicates that Bartlett's Boxers prevailed in the "Finders Keepers" scenario, where they had to cross a river and establish a bridgehead, but they failed their objective in the second battle, where they sought to crush La Grande Armée and destroy the entrance to the Star League depot. Also, the unspecified employer of La Grande Armée was decided to have been House Davion.
  • The cited numbered page for all citations of the Requiem for a Blue Star source material refer directly to the PDF reader's own count (out of 20 pages), due to an incorrect and inconsistent numbering error on the displayed page. For example, Requiem for a Blue Star has two pages numbered as "3", the 3rd of 20 and 6th of 20. Other pages are also mis-labeled.