In a BattleTech context, the poorly defined word Reseen was coined opposite the Unseen concept. Like Unseen it is used as alternatively a noun or an adjective, and broadly means "the opposite of 'Unseen'" in the sense of artwork that is legal to use for BattleTech despite depicting what would normally be an Unseen design.

Depending on context, it can refer to any of the following:

  • Designs that were considered Unseen at one point in the past, but were taken off the list again for one reason or another;
  • the Project Phoenix 'Mechs: In 2003, upgrades and newer versions for most of the Unseen 'Mechs, as of the in-game year 3067, were published as Technical Readout: Project Phoenix. Dubbed "Reseen", these Project Phoenix evolutions were original creations and sufficiently different from their parent designs to be used. Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade continued with Phoenix upgrades for the remaining Unseen 'Mechs, and the Reseen Samurai aerospace fighter first appeared in AeroTech 2 Revised Edition and then in Technical Readout: 3039.
    To wit, these Reseen models did not retroactively replace the Unseen variants. They are new, additional designs with new art that appeared later on in the in-universe timeline, meant to gradually replace the Unseen as the timeline progressed. In this sense, they are not strictly new images for the Unseen designs, but additional new designs that were never Unseen in the first place.
  • Finally, the new designs that retroactively replaced the old Unseen from 2015 onwards have also been referred to as Reseen.