Resettlement Act of 3082

The Resettlement Act of 3082 was the first official decree of Exarch Devlin Stone. Its aim was to bolster the Relocation Directives that were intended to mingle the Republic of the Sphere's population and erase historical animosity between its assorted ethnic groups.


By the end of 3081 the internal migration and mixing of the Republic's population was a small fraction of what Stone had hoped for. Thus the Resettlement Act was ordained in 3082 to massively augment this process. Quotas for population movements, along with incentives and punishments backed by military force, were issued, despite the objections of several government officials to the punishments in particular.[1]

By 3085 hundreds of millions of Republic denizens had been moved to different worlds as a result of the Act. While most were voluntary, a significant number were transferred by force, prompting the outbreak of riots and clashes with the RAF. While Stone acknowledged the concerns of the program's critics, many of whom made this a major policy issue in Republic politics, he maintained that the Republic was benefit in the long run.[1]

Decades later it was claimed that the enforced relocations that brought about an end of the factionalism so often thought responsible for outbreaks of war within the Inner Sphere.[2] Nonetheless, upon the breakdown of the HPG network in 3132 and the resulting chaos, numerous splinter factions based on pre-Republican cultural identities swiftly arose to help tear the Republic apart.[3]


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