Rhean Marik

Rhean Marik
Character Profile
Also known as Frieda Moran
Born 9 April 2568
Died 16 March 2616 (faked)
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General
Title(s) Duchess of Marik
Parents Brion Marik II (father)
Siblings Quentin,
Spouse Zane Davion (lover)
Children Albert Marik-Davion

Rhean Marik was the 18th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[1][2]


Early Life & Career[edit]

As the soft-spoken daughter of Brion Marik II, she was educated for military service since it was considered unlikely that she would become the Captain-General. In 2571, Rhean was the youngest of her family to attend the signing of Star League Accords.

She attended the Princefield Military Academy under the alias of Frieda Moran. During her schooling with the academy the scope of her education would expanded to include more academic studies including classes which would prepare her for a life of diplomatic pursuits and in politics. In 2568 she graduated with honors. She missed out deploying in the Reunification War, however. Her military career included playing a key role in the dénouement of the Freebooters War.

She began her political career assigned as diplomatic attaché to Military Governor of the Magistracy of Canopus Melissa Humphreys. During her time as attaché in the Magistracy, she developed a friendship with Rinalla Centrella. In 2597, she became the target of a kidnapping attempt along with Rinalla's daughter Carla. The attempt failed and later marked the end of Canopus's insurrection against Star League occupation.

The assassination of her younger brother Albrecht Marik marked change in her life. Her father elevated her to Warden of Perimeter Defenses, Supreme Commander of the FWLM in 2604. Aside from helping her father make up for his lack of military experience, she was also appointed as diplomat in various Star League councils. During her time in the councils, she became friends (and secret lovers) with Zane Davion, which eased relations between Houses Marik and Davion.[3]

As Captain-General[edit]

After the death of her father in 2614, she was elevated to the office of Captain-General. Shortly after attaining the position she discovered she had a fatal strain of cancer. Despite the odds against her survival, she remained in the position for three years and designated her nephew Tomas as heir before finally being ousted from office in 2616 by the machinations of Houses Selaj and Allison in what amounted to a covert war, apparently with full intentions to kill Rhean Marik.

Rhean Marik's associates planted false evidence of her death after saving her from an attempt on her life. Cured of her cancer at least for the time being, she assumed the identity of Frieda Moran once again and went to live in exile under the protection of House Cameron, renewing her romance with Zane Davion and raising their child Albert Alexander Marik-Davion.

Her apparent death would mark a turning point in relations with House Davion, where Zane Davion would wage economic and legal conflict which would spiral the Free Worlds League's economy into crisis.[4][5]


  • Rhean Marik was originally listed in Marik Family Tree found in House Marik (The Free Worlds League) to have lived to the age 66 years.[6] However, later publications listed her as having lived only until 2616.


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