Rhian Caselton

Rhian Caselton
Also known as Shanda McConnell
Affiliation White Hand Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Rhian Caselton was the 2928 to 2931 Grand Champion.[1]


Rhian Castelton was a woman of mystery. First she made a name for herself in the Class One and Two circuits. By 2925 she got a first-class ride with White Hand Stables and was fighting her way in Class Five. She would become champion in 2928 and lead an uneventful four years defeating her opponents with cool professionalism and sportsmanlike conduct.

She was defeated in 2931 and vanished from the scene after that. Eight years later, some background checks on her origin came up with Shanda McConnell, her real name. The name of a banned MechWarrior from the arena due to allegations of fraud and cheating.

It is believed that after extensive plastic surgery and a reasonable lapse of time she returned with a new identity determined to reclaim what she believed was her due. The truth of the original allegations remains obscure. Some believe that she was unjustly accused and framed by rivals, but this cannot be confirmed.[2]





Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Rico Totze
Solaris VII Grand Tournament Champion
2928 to 2931

Succeeded by
Michael Plevant


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