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Rhino (Combat Vehicle)

Rhino TRO2750.jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Leopard Armor of Terra
Production Year 2669[1]
Mission Fire Support
Type Tracked
Cost 4,288,500 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 80
Armor Pantherskin VII
Engine Pitban 240 fusion engine
Speed 54 km/h
Crew 6 (by rules)
Communications System Trannel GL5
Targeting Tracking System Trannel OT73L
Heat Sinks 10

2 x LRM-20s
2 x Medium Lasers
1 x LRM-10

BV (1.0) 904[2]
BV (2.0) 1,463[3][4]


Designed in 2667, the Rhino was intended as a far more heavily armored version of the ubiquitous LRM Carrier. While carrying one less 20 tube launcher, the Rhino is covered in seventeen tons of Pantherskin VII armor, a whopping fifteen more than a Quik-based carrier can boast. However, as the crew members will readily and repeatedly attest, design considerations besides heavy armor and long-range firepower were clearly secondary. Crew comfort is nonexistent, and notably absent from the Rhino is a Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment system for the missile reloads, a significant drawback given that the vehicle is among the slowest military vehicles ever produced.[3][5][6]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed to anchor defensive lines, the Rhino mounts two Delta Dagger-20 LRM-20 launchers alongside a pair Starflash Medium Lasers in its turret, supported by a single Conan DT-10 LRM-10 mounted forward. The vehicle's total of four tons of LRM reloads (three for the LRM-20, and one for the LRM-10) compare favorably with the standard carrier, while the lasers allow it some defensive ability while retreating to rearm; however, the vehicle's extremely slow speed greatly hampers any retreat once engaged in battle.[3][5][6]


  • Royal 
    This 2708 version of the Rhino was used by the SLDF Royal units, taking advantage of the latest technology. By swapping out the standard engine for an XL model, several modifications to the armament were made. All the missile launchers were tied into Artemis IV fire control systems, and a Guardian ECM suite provided additional protection against electronic warfare. The medium lasers were traded out for pulse versions, and to provide extra defense an Anti-Missile System was mounted to the turret.[7] BV (2.0)= 1,670[8][9]
  • Rhino FST EC 
    In the Golden Century Clan Coyote used several Rhinos to test new missile launcher technology. They retained the standard LRM-10, but the LRM-20s were swapped for Clan-spec equivalents. The Coyotes also replaced the medium lasers with Prototype ER Medium Lasers. Ammunition was finally protected by CASE, and these Rhinos could use a Bulldozer attachment to prepare firing positions. (Note: EC is an abbreviation used by historians to designate "Early Clan" designs.)[10] BV (2.0) = 1,679[11]
  • Flamer 
    This 2835 version of the Rhino drops the LRM-10 and replaces it with an SRM-6 and a pair of Flamers.[3] BV (2.0)= 1,439[12]
  • MG 
    This 2653 version of the Rhino drops the LRM-10 and replaces it with an SRM-6 and 3 Machine Guns with half a ton of ammo.[3] It was introduced in 2653.[13] BV (2.0)= 1,444[13][14]
  • ML 
    This version of the Rhino drops the LRM-10 and replaces it with an SRM-6 and a pair of Medium Lasers.[3] BV (2.0)= 1,478[15]
  • SL 
    This 2840 version of the Rhino drops the LRM-10 and replaces it with an SRM-6 and 4 Small Lasers.[3] BV (2.0)= 1,464[16]

Custom Variants[edit]

  • Rhino Hagar 
    This was a custom variant developed by SLDF Sergeant Hagar Henrickson in 2765. This then experimental refit rearranges the weapons configuration of the tank to allow for dual turrets. Named the "Chuy" by Hagar, this Rhino's two medium lasers and two LRM-20 launchers are retained while dropping the fix-forward LRM-10 launcher. Pairing one launcher with one laser, pairing are placed in each of vehicle's two turrets. To improve the defense of the vehicle, Hagar increase armor protection to 20 tons of standard armor and adds Anti-Missile System in second turret in back of the vehicle. SLDF force attempted to put the vehicle into production, but due to occupation of the Terran Hegemony, it would be pushed into frontline service where it was destroyed by the conquering Rim Worlds Republic. BV (2.0) = 1,574[17]



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