Richard Cameron (28th c.)

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Richard Cameron II
Character Profile
Born 9 February 2744[1]
Died 27 December 2766
Affiliation House Cameron
Title(s) First Lord
Position Director-General
Profession Noble
Parents Simon Cameron (father)
Jessica Drillson (mother)[1]
Siblings Elizabeth Cameron II
Helena Cameron[1]
Spouse Elise Graham[1]
Children Amanda Cameron[1]
Ian Cameron

Richard Cameron II was the sixth and last First Lord of the Star League under the Cameron bloodline.[1]


Due to his succeeding his father at a young age, Aleksandr Kerensky served as his regent until he came of age. During this time, the high council diluted the First Lord's power. When he came of age, his actions and assassination led to the collapse of the Star League.

One of his first pieces of legislation was Executive Order 156. The protests of the council, combined with a lifetime of manipulation by Stefan Amaris, led to his reign becoming increasingly despotic in nature. In 2763, he passed the Taxation Edict, which increased the already oppressive tax burden on the Periphery. He ordered General Kerensky to enforce this edict with his troops.[2] By 2765, the New Vandenberg Uprising had begun in the Taurian Concordat, and substantial numbers of SLDF troops were redeployed away from the core worlds to fight unrest. The Rim Worlds Republic under Amaris offered to redeploy troops to cover these gaps, and with Richard's approval they began to deploy to Terran worlds and take over many of the Castle Brian and Space Defense System installations.

By December 2766, the Rim Worlds forces in the Hegemony numbered over sixteen divisions, twice as much as the remaining Terran forces, and Amaris struck. Visiting Richard for a regularly scheduled meeting, Amaris presented him a gift of a jewel-encrusted laser pistol. After showing off its beautiful decoration, Amaris used it to shoot Richard Cameron in the head. The Amaris Civil War had begun.



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