Richard Steiner (31st c.)

This article is about the military commander. For the Archon, see Richard Steiner (29th c.).

Richard Steiner II
AffiliationHouse Steiner
Title(s)Margrave of Cavanaugh Theater
Duke of Skye
ParentsJack Milby (father)[2]
Nondi Steiner (mother)[2]
SiblingsLisa Steiner II[2][1]
Ivan Steiner[2][1]
SpouseSarah Aten[citation needed]
ChildrenMarcus Steiner II[3]

Richard Steiner II was a Lyran nobleman and military officer during the era of the Clan Invasion, the FedCom Civil War, and the Jihad.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Richard Steiner was born in 3003 to General Nondi Steiner, the sister of Archon Katrina Steiner, and to Jack Milby, a powerful businessman from Gallery.[1] At some point prior to 3025, he joined ComStar, though the exact details of his service to that order are unclear.[4] He resigned from the organization under mysterious circumstances in the late 3030's,[5] after which he joined the Lyran military.

Marriage and Children[edit]

In 3056, Richard married Sarah Aten, the daughter of Duchess of Skye Margaret Aten. He had one known son, Marcus Steiner II.[3]

Clan Invasion Era[edit]

By the start of 3050, he held the rank of Marshal in the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and commander of the Tamar Theater, (Benfield Operations Area) in the Federated Commonwealth's Tamar March.[6] It is unclear if he saw any action himself during the Clan Invasion.

By early 3054, he had been promoted to Field Marshal of the Skye March, based out of the Ryde Theater.[7] As this took place around the same time the Draconis Combine appointed Isoroku Kurita, a hot-headed traditionalist, the role of Warlord of the neighboring Dieron Military District, threatened the delicate peace between the Combine and Commonwealth. Subhash Indrahar, Director of the Combine's feared Internal Security Force, was deeply concerned that matters would get out of hand with two militant traditionalists staring each other down.[8] Indeed, as late as 3058, there were still concerns that Isoroku Kurita would push for an annexation of the Lyons Thumb simply to antagonize Field Marshal Steiner.[9]

In 3056, Richard threw in with Ryan Steiner for the Free Skye movement. The plan begun with the marriage of Sarah Aten, the daughter of Duchess of Skye Margaret Aten, who was half Richard's age. The marriage was met favorably in the Skye March, as was the abdication of Duchess Margarette Aten in favor of Sarah Aten to allow the current generation to assume power. This made Richard the Duke of Skye, but unknown to all aside from Richard's inner circle and Margarette, this abdication was anything but voluntary. As both the Duke and Field Marshall of Skye, Richard now had near total control over the Skye March.[10][11]

With this control he began rotating forces loyal to Prince Victor Steiner-Davion out of the March and forces loyal to the new Duke in. With Free Skye forces now in de facto control of the region, there was only one remaining obstacle to the plotting of Ryan and Richard: the Gray Death Legion. Prince Victor granted Glengarry as a landhold to the leader of the Gray Death, Grayson Carlyle, a move which deposed the previous landholder General-Kommandant Wilhelm von Bulow. This was also the opening Ryan and Richard were waiting for and they ordered von Bulow to retake his hold, while maintaining plausible deniability. Once Glengarry was secured, other loyal forces would then overtly declare for Free Skye and move to secure other worlds in Skye. Assembling a new force, the Fourth Skye Guards composed of loyal elements of the Fourth Skye Rangers and the Tenth Skye Rangers - including all 'Mech formations of the latter - and von Bulow departed for Glengarry.

Ryan Steiner had originally intended for the conspiracy to extend as far as independence for Skye, but Richard took it one step further. He declared that not only was he the Duke of Skye, but that the marriage of Melissa Steiner-Davion to Hanse Davion and the formation of the Federated Commonwealth was a violation of the Lyran Constitution and thus the union—and all Melissa's heirs—were invalid. In doing so, he declared himself the "legal head of House Steiner and the Lyran Commonwealth." This declaration appeared to skip over several other heirs before Richard, even with Melissa's children being discounted. As the conspiracy fizzled out on the HPG-less Glengarry (before spreading to the rest of the March), it was unknown if Ryan was aware of this additional betrayal prior to his 24 April death.[12]

In the aftermath of this conspiracy, Prince Victor stripped Richard (and presumably Sarah Aten) of the title and his position as Field Marshal of Skye, installing David Sandoval to both. This consolidation of military and civilian leadership in a solidly pro-Davion figure further inflamed tensions in the Commonwealth.[13]

The Lyran Alliance[edit]

Later in 3057, in the wake of Operation GUERRERO and the revelation that Archon-Prince Victor Steiner Davion had replaced Thomas Marik's dead son with a double, Katherine Steiner-Davion declared herself Archon and seceded the Lyran half of the Commonwealth, forging the Lyran Alliance. Richard Steiner retained his position, though he took the old Lyran title of Margrave.

During the secession, he came into a political conflict with Hauptmann General Gary Terlecki, head of the Penobscot Command and former commander of the Tenth Lyran Regulars.[14]

As of early 3062, he was a General in the LAAF and the Margrave of the new Cavanaugh II Theater in the Bolan Province.[15]

Sensing the dissatisfaction the Fourteenth Lyran Guards felt with Archon Katherine due to her détente with Captain-General Thomas Marik, Steiner attempted to solicit the Guards' loyalties.[16]

The FedCom Civil War[edit]

In the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War in late 3062, Steiner was greatly concerned that the Free Worlds League Military would exploit the situation. He was also enraged when the Second Crucis Lancers relocated to Cavanaugh II and successfully convinced the Tenth Lyran Regulars to side with Victor's Allies, and he attempted to order the Lancers off Cavanaugh.[17]

In March 3064, he sent the Second Donegal Guards to attack the Fourth Crucis Lancers on Giausar.[18] By February 3065, he added the Seventh Donegal Guards to this conflict.[19]

In the summer of 3065, he was able to secretly move the Seventh Lyran Regulars and the First Bolan Jaegers to Cavanaugh, in an effort to crush the pro-Victor Tenth Lyran Regulars in an effort to build upon his own power base. When his initial efforts were stymied, he suspected ComStar interference, and ordered the Com Guard 182nd Division elements off Cavanaugh. When the Com Guard troops refused to comply, he ordered his forces to attack. The Com Guard elements escaped destruction and linked up with the pro-Victor forces.[20]

In May of 3066, the battle for Cavanaugh II was still ongoing, with the Penobscot CTM joining on Richard's side and the Forty-second Avalon Hussars joining with the forces opposed to him. When Steiner began micromanaging the CTM in their battle with the Hussars, they were defeated and forced to withdraw.[21]

The situation worsened in September, when Steiner failed to adjust his defensive strategy in the wake of severe losses to his Seventh Lyran Regulars. The Allies now had dominance over the skies and a decisive numerical advantage. When the Seventh's commander advocated coming to terms with the Allies, Margrave Steiner had her promptly executed. Intended as an object lesson, it instead drove many of his remaining troops to defect. By February 3067, the allies were ready to crush Margrave Steiner's force, liberating the capital. By now, most of the Loyalists were completely demoralized, having been ordered to fight to the death, most quickly surrendered. Steiner himself, however, evacuated before he could be captured, fleeing the planet on a DropShip.[22]

By the end of the war, Steiner had still not been found.[23]


As of 3071, the Lyran Alliance still had a bounty on Richard Steiner's head, seeking him for war crimes. On 7 October 3071, Richard Steiner appeared on Tamarind, seeking to meet with one of his old enemies, Jeremy Brett, who had been commander of the region of Marik space that had bordered the Ryde Theater. He claimed to have critical information regarding the Word of Blake's activities in regards to the Duchy of Tamarind. Apparently Steiner had at some point, ran afoul of the Blakists, and he had been not only conditioned, but turned into a walking bomb. The explosion killed Steiner, Brett, and Brett's aides.[24][25] It also devastated Brett's wife, Therese Marik, leader of the Duchy.[26] It was implied that Steiner's involvement with the Word of Blake may have been related to his previous membership in ComStar.

However, in some way, the Blakists failed, as Richard's last words imply that he also was supposed to kill Therese, but she wasn't there. His actions enraged Therese, who would become a major opponent of the Word for the rest of the Jihad, even sending her son, Reginald, to liaise with Devlin Stone's coalition.[27]


  • Richard Steiner was apparently lightly regarded as a military officer, which may help to explain why he was never given a regimental command. Even Nondi Steiner apparently acknowledged her son's "foibles," and refused him additional troops during the FedCom Civil War.[28]
  • Given Richard's prior membership in ComStar and his eventual death as a Blakist suicide bomb, there are questions about how much was brainwashing, how much was true belief, and when it started. For example, had his actions during the Second Skye Rebellion gone as planned it would have destroyed the Federated Commonwealth, a longtime goal of the Word of Blake. Even his death served the Word and his last words were"Blake's Vengeance be done!" Being able to resolve his grudge with the 182nd Division surely helped with his motivation no matter his devotion.[28][5][26]


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