Righteous Justice

Righteous Justice.jpg
Righteous Justice
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Farragut


Having presumably survived the decomissioning of the Farragut-class of battleships undertaken by the Terran Hegemony during the era of the Star League[1], the WarShip which later became known as the WoBS Righteous Justice was one of many WarShips to be disabled and abandoned or lost during the Amaris Civil War or the early Succession Wars. She was one of a number of ships recovered by the Word of Blake[2] and restored to working order in secret[3] and became the flagship of the Blakist fleet.[2]

Under the command of Gregory Zwick, the Righteous Justice led the Blakist defense during the assault on Terra conducted in 3078 by the allied coalition forces assembled by Devlin Stone, one of the final battles of Operation SCOUR. During the furious naval engagements within the Sol system the Righteous Justice was responsible for destroying the flagship of the Com Guard, the Cameron-class battlecruiser CSV Invisible Truth, commanded by Zwick's former friend of many years, Alain Beresick. [4] The Righteous Justice didn't survive the battle for Terra, and was one of a dozen Blakist WarShips to be destroyed before the allied coalition finally liberated Terra.[5]


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