Rigil Kentarus

Rigil Kentarus
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Rigil Kentarus nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-2.852 : 2.54[e]
Spectral classK1V[1]
Recharge time167 hours[1]

The Rigil Kentarus system was home to at least one habitable world, Rigil Kentarus II, and as of 3151 was located in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.[3]

Regarding the system's apparently misspelled name, see Notes below.[Click Here]

System Description[edit]

Rigil Kentarus is located near the Sol and Tau Ceti systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Rigil Kentarus II[edit]

Rigil Kentarus II
Rigil Kentarus Orbital View.jpg
Also known asAlpha C,
Regil Kent
System positionSecond[2]
Jump Point distance5.18 days[1]
Moons1 (Riken Minor)[2]
Surface gravity0.85[2]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Tainted)[2]
Equatorial temperature28°C[2]
Surface water66%[2]
Highest native lifeMammals[2]
Landmasses3 (Worrens, Arabia, Little America/New Dubai)[1]
History and Culture
Population315,000,000 (3130)[2][38]
Government and Infrastructure
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLegate Kamala DeLaurel (3130)[2][38]

Previously known as Alpha C or Regil Kent, Rigil Kentarus II was also one of the Prime or First Circuit Class A hyperpulse generator stations of the SLCOMNET and ComStar HPG Network.

Planetary History[edit]

Early settlement and Terran Alliance[edit]

Rigil Kentarus was settled early on during the First Exodus. The world had an inhabitable moon, and its position near Terra insured it would be one of the first worlds settled.[2] Rigil Kentarus was one of the worlds that remained a part of the Terran Alliance following the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the Demarcation Declaration of 2242,[4] and provided a more liberal haven for members of the intelligentsia and media seeking refuge from the oppressive laws of Terra itself.[39][40]

Terran Hegemony[edit]

When the Alliance was replaced with the Terran Hegemony, Rigil Kentaurus became one of the worlds within the Alliance Core province.[8] Unlike Caph or Altair, Rigil Kentaurus' population peacefully accepted Hegemony membership but required much convincing to surrender their autonomy and only narrowly voted to join. This attitude was reflected in the indifferent performance of Kentaran conscripts during James McKenna's Campaigns of Persuasion, most notoriously on Denebola when a well-equipped Kentaran brigade broke before minor resistance and left the Terran infantry regiment they were supporting to achieve a glorious victory themselves. The subsequent decimation of the Kentaran unit motivated other non-Terran Hegemony soldiers to better standards of performance.[39]

As part of the Terran Hegemony, Rigil Kentarus received several Star League Defense Force bases to bolster Terran defense. These bases included several Castles Brian and SDS systems on both the planet and the moon, Riken Minor.[2]

Unfortunately, during the Amaris Civil War Rim Worlds troops drove the defending SLDF forces off Riken Minor. From the moon, they blasted the surface of Rigil Kentarus with the massive lasers and particle cannons available to them. At such ranges the fire was wildly inaccurate, and the Rim Worlds attacks inflicted massive amounts of damage on the world's surface.[2]


During the Succession Wars, Rigil Kentarus started to recover with help from the Lyran Commonwealth government. These efforts weren't hampered by the occasional Draconis Combine or Free Worlds League raid. All that recovery work was undone however, during the Jihad. The Blakists wanted Rigil Kentarus to secure Terra, and would stop at nothing to get it. After deploying nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction on the world and moon, nearly half the cities of Rigil Kentarus were destroyed and the atmosphere was tainted.[2]

Rigil Kentarus was liberated by allied coalition forces in a campaign lasting just over two weeks in 3078. The assault began on the 20th of May and ended on the 5th of June, but problems for the allied coalition didn't stop with the liberation of the planet; the bulk of the coalition forces who liberated the planet were Clan units drawn from Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf, and the three Clan blocs promptly divided the spoils from the campaign up amongst themselves via Clan Trials, ignoring the protests from the non-Clan elements of the allied contingent.[30] After staging their Trials of Possession with the Ghost Bears, Clan Jade Falcon's Alpha Galaxy and Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy departed Rigil Kentarus on the 5th of June.[41]

In the wake of the Jihad, the planetary government on Rigil Kentarus passed a law stating that any war matériel manufactured or used by the Word of Blake had to be destroyed; selling the equipment or parts of the equipment was illegal. As a result, companies such as Paddington Metals were employed to scrap and smelt down Blakist 'Mechs and equipment. The law passed on Rigil Kentarus was typical of that implemented on a number of worlds, and was both more moderate than the law passed on Freedom but stricter than the corresponding law implemented on New Earth.[42]

Military Deployment[edit]


Rigil Kentarus has three continents named Worrens, Arabia, and Little America (also called New Dubai).[1]

Riken Minor[edit]

Riken Minor
Surface gravity0.5[1]
Atmospheric pressureThin (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature15°C[1]
Surface water85%[1]
Landmasses2 (Lesser Plateau, Naskia)[1]
History and Culture
Population27,000,000 (3130)[1]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalDestina Station and West Romaine[1]

Riken Minor is the sole moon of Rigil Kentarus II and is the site of a small colony.[1]


Riken Minor has two continents named Lesser Plateau and Naskia.[1]

Image gallery[edit]


^ The BattleTech system of "Rigil Kentarus" aka "Alpha C" or "Rigil Kent" is apparently meant to represent the nonfictional Alpha Centauri system, which is also known as Rigil Kentaurus (mind the "u" which is omitted in BattleTech) and is a binary star system circled by a third star, Proxima Centauri. The description of a K1V star matches Alpha Centauri B, while Alpha Centauri A is a G2V class star.

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

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Procyon 13.8 Keid 14.0 Caph 16.1 Altair 16.2
New Home 18.3 Yorii 19.3 Dieron 19.5 Thorin 21.4
Bryant 22.5 Xi Ursae Majoris 22.6 Carver 23.4 Fomalhaut 23.9
Asta 24.0 Graham 24.4 Rocky 26.1 New Stevens 26.6
Chara 26.6 Muphrid 27.6 Zavijava 29.1 Saffel 29.9
Oliver 30.5 Zollikofen 31.0 Lipton 31.3 Imbros 31.5
Hechnar 31.9 Epsilon Eridani 31.9 Brownsville 33.6 Pollux 33.9
Athenry 35.0 Denebola 35.2 Styx 36.8 Epsilon Indi 36.8
Outreach 37.2 Northwind 37.4 Devil's Rock 37.8 Dyev 39.2
Nirasaki 40.8 Menkent 40.9 Lyons 41.4 Castor 42.2
Haddings 42.7 Lockdale 43.1 Tabit 43.2 Pike 43.3
Ko 44.1 Terra Firma 44.2 Capolla 45.3 Summer 47.8
Lone Star 47.9 Hall 48.1 New Britain 48.3 Talitha 48.6
Afleir 48.7 Chaville 48.8 Zosma 49.0 Quentin 49.8
Deneb Algedi 49.8 Sheratan 49.9 Atria 50.8 Nusakan 51.8
Van Diemen 53.4 Chisholm 53.7 Alkalurops 54.0 Mizar 54.8
Errai 55.4 Small World 55.4 Sabik 55.4 Fletcher 56.1
Ingress 56.6 Kervil 57.0 Alioth 57.2 Lambrecht 57.4
Hsien 57.5 Mandal 58.8 Marcus 58.9 Acamar 59.1
New Dallas 59.2 Nashira 59.3 Wasat 59.6 Galatea 59.9
Bex 60.0 Nanking 60.0 Telos 60.1 Skondia 60.4


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