Rim Commonality

Rim Commonality
State Profile
Founding Year 2681[citation needed]
Capital world: Lesnovo
Controlled system(s): approx. 15
Head of State Prime Minister
Army Rim Commonality Guard

The Rim Commonality is a province located within the Free Worlds League.

National Information[edit]

The Commonality was founded in 2681, with its capital located in the city of Zletovo on the world of Lesnovo. The government is a Feudal Autocracy (with democratic leanings), and the national emblem of the Rim Commonality is a yellow sunburst on a red field, with the silhouette of an eagle at the heart of the sunburst.

As of 3130, the Commonality consisted of 15 worlds,[1] and the elected leader of the Commonality was the Prime Minister, Lord Michael Cendar.


Free Worlds League[edit]

The Rim was originally a part of the Principality of Regulus until 2681. A document was created and advanced by House Marik proposing that the Rim Commonality be severed from Regulan control as part of a political campaign to break down opposition to House Marik. Despite the separation, the Rim Commonality and Regulus maintained good trade relations, albeit at a considerably reduced level.


During the Jihad, the Rim Commonality declared independence from the League on the 13th of April 3075[2] The Rim Commonality cited the historic Camlann versus Free Worlds ruling as precedent, barring entry to all high-ranking Free Worlds League representatives and breaking away from the League.[3][4] In addition to establishing the Rim Commonality as an autonomous state, the founding charter of the new state also named two worlds known as "lost worlds" - colonies with which there had been no contact in almost two hundred years - Izmir and Stettin - as full members of the Commonality. This gesture was intended to be a commemorative one, acknowledging the history of the Commonality. The secession of the Rim Commonality had been planned for several months, with apparent groundwork legislation relating to the Rim Commonality economy, military infrastructure and judiciary having passed through the Rim Commonality Council in January. Initially, the local Free Worlds League garrison - the Eighth Orloff Grenadiers, distributed across Lesnovo, Campoleone and Tematagi - refused to comment on the secession.[5]

The Rim Commonality hired various mercenary units to help defend the nation against pirate raids, units which included the Chaos Irregulars. The Commonality went on to annex the pirate haven Astrokaszy and other neighboring worlds, reinforcing its borders and security.


The Rim Commonality's view of the Principality of Regulus changed after the Jihad. After the central government of the Free Worlds League collapsed, the Principality consolidated holdings on worlds surrounding it, annexing areas such as the Regulan Free States and the worlds of the former Principality of Gibson.[1]

This expansion forced the Commonality to fight off Regulan invasions as well as raids from other nations such as the Marian Hegemony and the Magistracy of Canopus. The Rim Commonality was initially only able to count on the badly weakened Bad Dream mercenary unit for defense, but as the former League fragmented the Fourth and Ninth Marik Militias defected to the Rim Commonality, bringing a feeling of security to the population. The Fourth in particular adapted quickly to their new home, introducing a new uniform and color scheme as a part of establishing the Militia as a native fighting force. The lack of military manufacturing within the Rim Commonality hampered the Militias though, as replacement equipment was difficult to find at best.[6]

Despite external threats, the Commonality maintained a policy of peaceful expansion and trade through the late thirty-first and early thirty-second centuries. The Chaos Irregulars were formally asked to become a permanent part of the Collection's military forces, which the Irregulars accepted, becoming an elite military unit known as the First Rim Commonality Guard.

In 3110, Lord Michael Cendar was elected to position of Prime Minister.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

The Oriente Protectorate sent the Captain-General's daughter, Elis Marik, to the Rim Commonality to try and establish a better relationship in a bid to expand ties with the commonality, cemented with a political marriage between the two noble families. Secretly, Elis influenced her husband to work more closely with the Protectorate to bring about change in the government, ultimately resulting in the creation of an alliance between the two by 3137.

However, the Regulan Fiefs began passing false documents to create rumors that the Rim Commonality was forcibly annexing worlds. The Rim Commonality worried that this aggression would taint the Commonality in the eyes of several allied worlds, most notably Westover; as a result, the First Rim Commonality Guard were deployed on a diplomatic mission to Westover to win over its Duke Wesley. This mission was a success.

In April 3139, the Protectorate's First Rim Commonality Guard were deployed in Operation HOMECOMING to seize the final worlds needed to help reunify the League. On June 3rd, with the swearing-in of Captain-General Jessica Marik on Atreus, the Rim Commonality became a member province of the newly reborn Free Worlds League.

Historical Map Gallery[edit]


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