Rim Provisional Government

Rim Provisional Government
Organization Profile
Typerebel group
Parent OrganizationIndependent


The Rim Provisional Government was the name of a group of workers who deposed the Amaris government on the world of Apollo in the Rim Worlds Republic. On 23 April 2575, workers staged a worldwide strike that led to military action against them. Undeterred, the workers repelled efforts by the Fourth Amaris Dragoons and declared a new government for the Rim Worlds capital planet. After First Consul Gregory Amaris sent in the Dragoons to reestablish order, the workers determined that Amaris had forfeited his office and removed him.

Amaris then attempted to crush the rebels by sending in two regiments. Both the Seventh Amaris Legionnaires and the Eighth Amaris Fusiliers immediately defected to the new government, shifting the balance of power. Facing this turn of events, Gregory Amaris and the remainder of the previous ruling body retreated to the Amaris Island estates, leaving the capital in new hands and effectively creating a civil war on Apollo.

This state persisted for twenty-one years until the Star League Expeditionary Force arrived and liberated Gregory Amaris and his supporters and placed them back into power.