Rim Territories

Rim Territories
State Profile
Founding Year 3087
Capital world: Pain
Controlled system(s): 14

The Rim Territories are a Periphery pirate nation that emerged in 3087 after the chaos of the Word of Blake Jihad.[1]


The Rim Territories was founded by the union of four ex–Rim Worlds Republic planets - the independent worlds of The Rack and Pain and the former Lyran planets of Engadine and Main Street - and either then or later included six more colonies settled by refugees from the Blakist Jihad.[2] [3] [4]

In December 3148 pirate bands from the Rim Territories took advantage of LCAF weakness in the region to conquer Elume, Canal, Tsarahavana and Issaba.[5] [6]

Government and Society[edit]

Officially the Rim Territories was founded as a mutual defense and trade pact. In reality it is first and foremost a collective of pirate groups who each control a world and organize it along the lines of a criminal fiefdom. Despite the nature of its government, however, the Rim Territories has survived for six decades and proven to offer more stable government than the average independent Periphery world.[7]

Historical Maps[edit]


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