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Formations and Units within the Rim Worlds Army[edit]

Age of War/Reunification War Era[edit]

By the end of the Age of War and throughout the Reunification War the Rim Worlds Army was notionally based around three brigades of regular forces, with House Amaris' household forces forming another subcommand within the RWA. The RWA claimed a total strength of some twenty-five combined arms regiments but was heavily dependent on conventional armor and infantry, with a total BattleMech strength of approximately five to six regiments, but the BattleMechs possessed by the Republic were distributed amongst the various regular formations in company and battalion strength. When civil war broke out in the Republic in 2575 the chain of command was effectively shattered, with units either remaining loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris, declaring their support for the Rim Provisional Government and Rift Republican Army or splitting along partisan lines.[1]

Naval Forces[edit]

The space naval component of the Rim Worlds Army had a notional strength of seventeen WarShips in 2575. The actual operational naval strength was significantly lower than this, as a number of ships were undergoing refits.[1] By the onset of operations in the Republic by Task Force MAILED FIST as they implemented Operation MAILED FIST - the Star League intervention in the civil war in support of Gregory Amaris - the active Rim Worlds Army fleet had been reduced to nine ships, two of which were destroyers and seven were corvettes. One corvette was destroyed in action at Finmark in 2586; the remaining WarShips remained out of the conflict until Admiral Hakim Wbika launched a successeful strike at an SLDF transport fleet in the Newtown Square system in January 2588. Wbika's raid saw nineteen SLDF JumpShips and twenty-four DropShips destroyed before the convoy escort cruiser SLS Rapacious and SLS Alacrity engaged and destroyed or crippled both destroyers and three corvettes, leaving a single RWA corvette the only survivor of the engagement.[2]

Of the other naval vessels that had been in service with the RWA in 2575, five were scuttled as a result of combat between RWA and RRA forces, two having been destroyed in action and the other three rendered effectively useless, while three had been undergoing refits and spent the entire of the civil war in varying states of disrepair.[1]

By April 2765, the Rim Worlds Navy had grown to include more than 270 WarShips according to the Star League Intelligence Command. The Rim Worlds Navy was notably light, focused on Corvettes, Frigates and Destroyers, with only a few cruisers and battleships known to serve in the navy.[3]

The breakdown of Rim Worlds WarShips known to SLIC in mid-2765 consisted of:

While the Rim Worlds navy was known to consist predominantly of older designs, many of them relatively lightweight compared to modern Star League Navy ships,[3] the sheer number of hulls possessed openly by the Rim Worlds Navy was approximately the equivalent of twenty or more SLDF naval squadrons;[4] the SLDF navy was fielding approximately 2,250 WarShips at the same point in time, two-thirds of which were on the front-lines with the remaining third in the garrison fleets, but the Rim Worlds navy still equated to approximately five SLDF Fleets.[5] This was at a time when the other Territorial States were fielding less than seventy WarShips in total.[3]

Line Formations[edit]

Amaris Household Guard[edit]

Note: After the Reunification War the Fourth Amaris Dragoons became an unofficial member of the Amaris Household Guard.[9]

Amaris Dragoons[edit]
Insignia of the Amaris Dragoons
Amaris Fusiliers[edit]
Insignia of the Amaris Fusiliers
Urjala[6] (2581)[6] (2583) by elements of the 2nd Marik Auxiliary Corps.[8]
New India[6] (2587) by elements of the 2nd Marik Auxiliary Corps.[8]
Steelton[6] (2581) by the Eleventh Royal Division and Sixteenth Mechanized Infantry Division.[8]
Star's End[6] (2581) by the First Brigade of the Fusiliers of Oriente.[8]
Persistence[6] (2581) by the Seventeenth Royal Division.[10]
Amaris Legionnaires[edit]
Insignia of the Amaris Legionnaires

Star League Era[edit]

Line Formations[edit]

Amaris Cavaliers[edit]
Amaris Chasseurs[edit]
Amaris Dragoons[edit]
Amaris Fusiliers[edit]
  • First Amaris Fusiliers
  • Second Amaris Fusiliers
  • Third Amaris Fusiliers
  • Fourth Amaris Fusiliers[12]
  • Fifth Amaris Fusiliers
  • Sixth Amaris Fusiliers
  • Seventh Amaris Fusiliers
  • Eighth Amaris Fusiliers[24]
Amaris Lancers[edit]
Amaris Legionnaires[edit]
Amaris Regulars[edit]
Amaris Republican Guards[edit]

The Amaris Republican Guard responded to the Rift Republican Army's attack on the 8th Amaris Dragoons and helped put down the Efrimal Long prison outbreak.[27] Their colors are olive and red.[28]

Imperial Divisions[edit]
Republican Dragoons[edit]
Republican Lancers[edit]
Republic Light Lancers[edit]
Associated Mercenary Units[edit]

Military Ranks[edit]

Prior to the civil war, the Rim Worlds Army used a rank system with Greek titles. During the civil war the RRA Rebel forces kept the original Greek rank structure, while the RWA Loyalist forces adopted the same rank structure as the SLDF. After the Reunification War the Greek rank structure was phased out completely and replaced with the SLDF rank structure.[33]

Ranks and the units they can command
Type of Rank
with Seniority
RRA SLDF Unit type
Enlisted Ranks
E1 * Recruit [34]
E2 Private[34] Private[34]
E3 *[34] Private,
First Class[34]
E4 Corporal[34] *[34]
E5 *[34] Corporal[34]
E6 Sergeant[34] Sergeant[34]
E7 *[34] Over-Sergeant[34]
E8 *[34] Master Sergeant[34]
E9 *[34] *[34]
E10 Sergeant Major[34] Master Sergeant[34]
Officer Ranks
O1 *[34] Ensign[34]
O2 Tetrarch
O3 *[34] Captain[34]
O4 Lokhagos
O5 Tagmatarchis
O6 *[34] *[34]
O7 Syntagmatarchis
O8 Taxiarchos
(Brigadier General)[34]
O9 * [34] Lieutenant General[34]
O10 Polemarchos
(Lieutenant General)[34]
Major General[34]
O11 Strategos
O12 * [34] Commanding General[34]

Unit Insignias[edit]

See Also[edit]


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