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Story information
Author Faith McClosky
Pages 8
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 4
Era Jihad Era
Timeline 19 February 3077

Roadblock is a short story by Faith McClosky that was published in the fourth issue of Shrapnel on 15 March 2021.

Plot summary[edit]

During the Operation SCOUR attack on Word of Blake-controlled Demeter, Fifth Crucis Lancers combat medic Azalea Thomas is sent to treat an injured MechWarrior. Levi Fennimore's fallen 'Mech blocks one of the bridges into New Demeter City, the cockpit having taken a devastating hit. Levi's body is pinned in place, practically cut in half by the wreckage, blood only held in by the beam that broke his body. After one final conversation, Azalea desperately tries to extract and treat the wounded Levi, knowing it is a hopeless endeavor. He dies in her care.

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