Rob Juergens

Rob Juergens
Rob Juergens
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile;
Steel Wolves
Profession MechWarrior

Rob Juergens was a Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Steel Wolves, Wolf Hunters MechWarrior, and Bloodnamed warrior of the Juergens Bloodhouse, during the Dark Age Era.[1][2]

Personal Appearance[edit]

Juergens was more than 2 meters tall and weighed over 100 kilograms, with a scar on his cheek which passed close to his eye, and white eyebrows.[3]


Juergens was reputed to be cool, methodical and precise under fire, rarely responding in haste, but rather working deliberately towards his objectives. While he seldom smiled, Juergens had a sardonic wit and liked to deliver convoluted puns completely deadpan during otherwise ordinary conversation.[1] His roommates reported his snoring while asleep was incredibly loud.[4]

In battle, Juergens respected Clan traditions, seeking to engage in single combat as much as possible. He preferred using his SRMs, achieving impressive accuracy at their extreme range, while still being competent with longer-range weapons.[2]

Steel Wolves[edit]

In 3135, Juergens was with the Steel Wolves on Galatea and took part in the Trials conducted by Anastasia Kerensky. While a skilled marksman even with small arms, Juergens objected to Anastasia Kerensky's insistence on MechWarriors such as himself qualifying in infantry and other disciplines.[3] However, he ultimately choose to join her new Wolf Hunters despite his misgivings.[5]

Later Career[edit]

By 3145, after being associated with Clan Wolf-in-Exile, the Steel Wolves and the Wolf Hunters, Juergens' whereabouts were a mystery.[2]


Juergens is known to have piloted a VTR-V1-H Vulture Mk IV OmniMech named Seka's Pride.[1][2][3]


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