Robert Dinesen (Individual Vessel)

Robert Dinesen
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The Robert Dinesen was a WarShip of unknown-class that served the Lyran Commonwealth and that was named after Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen's husband Robert Dinesen.

It was in this ship, in late 2591, that Viola regained consciousness after the battle with her own forces. Her trusted aide, Heinrich Schwartzmann, informs her of the loss of her arm and briefs her on the ongoing investigation into Kevin Steiner-Dinesen's kidnapping. He also informs her that her rampage on Barcelona has become known as the "Day of Rage", and that he hates her because she made him fire on his brothers in arms in order to protect her. When she attempts to justify the attack as a necessary response to a revolt by her lords, he rebukes her with information that Kelswa and Lestrade have been exonerated, and that Jaishankar's report was only a rumor. Horrified by the realization that she caused hundreds of innocent deaths, Viola slips back into oblivion.

It was the same ship that moved the 4th Royal Guards for Viola's vengeance.

In January 2592, on Tharkad, Estates General Speaker of the Assembly Henry Gram celebrates his pending success in manipulating the Lyran parliament into voting to secede from the Star League. His triumphant reverie is interrupted by his associate, Ichabod Blau, who informs him that the Lyran Intelligence Corps is starting to arrest all the conspirators involved in the kidnapping of Archon-Designate Kevin Steiner-Dinesen. Gram tries to calm Blau, noting that his steering committee has the LIC tied in knots, while Archon Viola, at last report from his spies, was still in a coma on Barcelona. The two exit Government House through a secret corridor, only to find the 4th Royal Guards executing a combat drop on the Triad. Up above, Archon Viola oversees Operation RIGHTEOUS FURY, coordinating efforts to seal off the roads around Government House, trapping the rogue members of the Estates General. LIC agents apprehend Gram and bring him out to where the Archon awaits in her one-armed Warhammer. Rage consumes her, and when he attempts to give a speech about patriotism, she crushes him beneath her 'Mech's heel.[1]


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