Robert Kurita

Robert Kurita
Character Profile
Born 2371[1]
Died 2412[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Position Coordinator of Worlds
Profession Noble
Parents Nihongi Kurita (father)
Siblings Marika Kurita
Sanyu Kurita
Parker Kurita
Saigo Kurita
Lenore Kurita
Children Jason Kurita
Philip Kurita

Robert Kurita was the fourth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.


Early Life[edit]

More energetic and impatient than his father Nihongi, Robert was among those dissatisfied with Nihongi's irresponsible neglect of his duties in favor of his horse-riding and -breeding. His father's stables also created a more personal problem for Robert when his sister Marika became pregnant by one of the stable hands, Werner Von Rohrs. When he learned of this, the furious Robert killed Werner with a shovel but was unable to interfere with the birth of his illegitimate nephew, Nihongi Von Rohrs, in May 2394.

Nihongi Kurita's indifference about the whole incident only spurred Robert's anger, and he was preparing to have his father assassinated when the elder Kurita abruptly died in a riding accident. In April 2396 Robert succeeded Nihongi Kurita as Coordinator.[2]


Two years after his reign began, the Age of War erupted. Disappointed at not having been the first to begin a war, Robert devised his own plans for an assault upon the Tamar and Skye provinces of the Lyran Commonwealth. Reluctantly acknowledging that the DCMS would require more powerful weapons to fight the better-equipped LCAF, he postponed military action for several years until his armies were ready.

During this tiresome waiting period Robert became obsessed with war, frequently revising his plans until he finally settled for an attack upon Skye. Robert's strategy consisted of a pincer attack: one prong would strike across the Tamar/Skye border deep into Skye territory, while the other would smash through the Kessel-Dromini area. Once the two prongs linked up a large portion of Skye would be isolated and fall to the Combine.

The operation was launched in November 2407. After nearly two years of continuous advances on both fronts, a major defeat on Meachem and a destructive raid on a supply depot on Vega halted the Combine's advance permanently. Three years later Robert Kurita signed the Ares Conventions regulating the conduct of war.[3]


Robert Kurita's personality - impetuous, aggressive and overly emotional - made him a poor leader in war, though with time and age he might have grown more skilled as a general. Robert's nature likely contributed to his premature demise; his life was ended in December 2412 when he was shot dead by an assassin. While her involvement was never proven, many believed that Robert's sister Marika had arranged the assassination as revenge for the murder of her lover Werner. Robert was succeeded by his sycophantic brother Parker, who attempted to follow Robert's will even after his death.[3]


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