Robert Madson (Person)

Robert Madson (Person)
Born 2 September 1965
Died 29 March 2014
Occupation BattleTechnology contributor
In-universe persona Robert Madson

Robert Madson was a BattleTech fan and a contributor to the BattleTechnology magazine. He designed the Rattlesnake BattleMech (a derivative of the Jenner) that was published in BattleTechnology issue #21. The fluff and accompanying short story for the Rattlesnake as well as the SuburbanMech from BattleTechnology issue #18 was co-written by Madson and Craig A. Reed who would go on to become a regular writer for BattleTech some two decades later.

Reed used Madson's name for an SLDF officer in a (canonical) sourcebook as a homage to his late friend.[1]

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