Robert Steiner (28th c.)

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Robert Steiner II.jpg
Robert Steiner II
Born 17 March 2701
Died 29 June 2781
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Profession Noble
Parents Michael Steiner II (father)[1]
Joan Lestrade (mother)
Siblings Jennifer Steiner[1]
Paul Steiner

Robert Steiner II (b. 17 March 2701 - d. 29 June 2781) was the sixteenth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[2][3]



Robert would die in June 2781 of pneumonia leading his younger sister Jennifer to become Archon.[4]


I sometimes marvel at those who behave as though good times will last forever. Why should the universe hold still? Why should bad times, be any different from the good or the indifferent ones, for don't they all have beginnings, middles, and ends? Good or bad, it's just another cycle, within a cycle, within a cycle, and it never ends.
  — Robert Steiner II, quoted in The Authorized Biography of Robert Steiner, by Frela Gibbon, Bently & Hunt, 2782[5]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Michael Steiner II
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Jennifer Steiner


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