Robinson Rangers

Insignia of the Robinson March Brigade
Robinson Rangers
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command AFFC/AFFS

The Robinson Rangers starting their life as a brigade of volunteers in the defense of Robinson, the Draconis March capital world, these original volunteers were wiped out in the First Succession War. To honor these volunteers, Prince Peter Davion authorized the construction of two BattleMech regiments, financed by the Duke of Robinson. The Robinson Rangers fought the Draconis Combine in five major conflicts. Two things define the Rangers: Hatred of the Combine, and more importantly, a loyalty to the Duke of Robinson. In the early 3060s, Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion created the Third Rangers. While publicly a move to reinforce the Draconis March, it was more of a political initiative than military, and the unit spent more time on New Avalon than anywhere else. The Third was destroyed during the final battle of New Avalon, with no plans to rebuild the destroyed unit.


The Rangers have acted as the honor guard for the Sandoval family since their inception. The Duke of Robinson was nominally their commander, but given the Duke's many responsibilities the daily operations of the Robinson Rangers usually fell to an AFFS officer.[1]

The Robinson Rangers fought the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery from the time of their inception. In the Fourth Succession War they faced elements of the Benjamin Regulars.[2][3]

In the FedCom Civil War the First and Second Robinson Rangers were the primary striking arm of the Duke's invasion of the Draconis Combine. The First quickly took several worlds from the Combine[4], but was eventually forced back to Mallory's World to rebuild.[5] The Second transferred from the Lyran Alliance to the Draconis March[6] and attacked Quentin.[7] They suffered losses and withdrew to Mallory's World to rebuild. The Second was then part of the task force that attacked New Avalon and freed it from Katherine Steiner-Davion. They took heavy losses at this time. The Third Rangers were a political unit, and were destroyed in the fighting on New Avalon.[8]

During the Jihad several Com Guard units integrated with the AFFS forces on Robinson.[9]

After the Jihad the AFFS High Command, with the consent of the Duke of Robinson, sought to limit the Rangers ability to get into trouble. As such, the First Robinson Rangers were the only Ranger unit, with other Robinson units being named the Robinson Strikers. These units were still loyal to the Duke of Robinson, but were less likely to cause problems or launch unauthorized strikes because they lacked the institutional hatred of the Rangers.[10]

The Rangers and Strikers were caught up in a civil war in the Sandoval family in 3095. The units were distracted and the Raven Alliance and Draconis Combine took advantage of this to take control of Draconis March systems. This internal conflict exhausted the various units involved and prevented the Rangers from mounting any kind of effective defense. The Draconis Combine then came across the border, further shattering the units.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Robinson Rangers
Field Marshal James Sandoval 3058


Different per Unit.

Units of the Robinson Rangers[edit]


  • The 3rd Rangers was destroyed during the FedCom Civil War.
  • The 4th Rangers was active in the Dark Age era.
  • The 3rd Strikers was destroyed 3143 by Draconis Combine on Palymra.)[13]
  • The 4th Strikers was active in the Dark Age era.
  • The 5th Strikers was active in the Dark Age era.

Color Scheme[edit]

The Rangers use a deep red color with black trim as their unit colors.[14][1]

Unit Insignia[edit]

The insignia of the Robinson Rangers was a single red arrow on a golden shield.[1]


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