Roderick Hirt

Roderick Hirt
Character Profile
Died 23 September 3060
Affiliation St. Ives Compact
Rank Vice-President
Profession Financial Broker

Roderick Hirt was a vice-president of the Brighton-based brokerage firm Waterman and Clask, up until his assassination in 3060.[1]


Waterman and Clask was, up until September 3060, a wealthy brokerage firm, one of the most powerful in the city of Berkdale. It financed St. Ives Compact loyalists even after the Capellan Confederation conquest of Brighton.[1]

On 23 September 3060, while attempting to travel through a traffic checkpoint outside Berkdale, Roderick was assassinated by a Maskirovka agent. With his death masked as the result of resistance to a traffic stop, Hirt's loss led to the near-total collapse of Waterman and Clark - almost all investors and clients aside from Mr. Waterman and Mr. Clark themselves cut ties.[1]


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