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Roger Davion (25th c.)

Roger Davion
Character Profile
Died 2467
Affiliation House Davion
Parents Simon Davion (father)
Elizabeth Caldwell (mother)
Siblings James Davion[1]
Ellen Davion
Spouse Lisa Swerdlow
Children William Davion

Roger Davion (b. ???? - d. 2467)[2] was the youngest child of First Prince Simon Davion of the Federated Suns.[3]


The third and youngest child of First Prince Simon Davion and his wife, Elizabeth Caldwell,[3] Roger was born at some point after 2425.[2] Roger married Lisa Swerdlow, and the two were expecting their first child when.


In 2467, an assassin seeking vengeance against James launched an attack against the Davion family.[4] Targeting a ceremonial procession in which James, Roger, their sister Ellen and other family members were participating, the assassin gunned down numerous people.[3][5] Ellen survived, although the injuries she suffered left her wheelchair-bound; Lisa also survived, but James and Roger were both numbered among the dead.[4][6][5]

The attack almost plunged the Federated Suns into a constitutional crisis, but after weeks of debate Ellen Davion was declared First Prince, over the objections of Richard Varnay, the Chancellor of New Avalon and Constable of the Crucis March. Ellen was declared First Prince with the agreement that she would rule until Roger and Lisa's unborn son, William, was considered old enough to rule.[4][5]


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