Roger Davion (26th c.)

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Roger Davion II
Character Profile
Born 2528
Died 2596
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) Duke of Victoria
Profession Noble
Parents Alexander Davion (father)
Cynthia Varnay (mother)
Siblings Vincent Davion
Melinda Davion
Henry Davion
Louis Davion
Veronica Davion
Lawrence Davion

Roger Davion II was the second son of First Prince Alexander Davion of the Federated Suns by his first wife, Cynthia Varnay. Roger and his elder brother Vincent both died in a JumpShip accident in 2596.[1]


Roger would leave a lasting legacy on the Federated Suns through his children becoming what is known as the "Victoria Davions" cadet branch of House Davion.[2]


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