Roger Varnay

Roger Varnay
Character Profile
Affiliation House Varnay
Title(s) Pretender to Prince of the Capellan March
Parents David Varnay (father)
Cassandra Davion (mother)
Siblings Terril Davion
Children Yes


The Varnays would return to New Syrtis in 2565 in the form of Roger Varnay, son of David and Cassandra.[1] Cassandra and Roger had spent years funneling funding to their supporters on and around New Syrtis as well as other covert aid, resources used to oppose the government of Prince Alexander Davion.[1] Roger Varnay returned to Federated Suns space from the Capellan Confederation in 2565 and attempted to rally supporters to his cause, but his recruiting efforts ended after his supporting Capellan WarShips were destroyed in the Battle of Kigamboni late in the year, and Roger ended up fleeing back to Capellan space with the 8th Syrtis Fusiliers pursuing him. The Fusiliers destroyed most of Roger's forces, although Roger himself escaped to Confederation space.[2]


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