Roland M. Boshnack

Roland M. Boshnack
Occupation Author
BattleTech forum handle ColBosch

Roland M. "ColBosch" Boshnack was a longtime BattleTech fan and prolific – and often very outspoken – high profile poster on the BattleTech forum. On 26 August 2018 he announced[1] his withdrawal from BattleTech as a hobby "after thirty years of playing the game", and that he was already in the process of selling off his entire physical collection.

As a fan, he had compiled a massive Technical Readout-style catalogue of all existing BattleTech units prior to 2010 but ultimately chose not to publish his work over copyright concerns. However, it became one of the cornerstones for the official Master Unit List project; Boshnack was among the initial members of the MUL team.

As a BattleTech writer he is credited for the primary writing in Era Digest: Age of War and, together with then-Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II, as the author of the short story Just Following Orders therein, as well as contributions to Technical Readout: 3085.


Boshnack was vocal about his dislike for the "Ost" series of BattleMechs (Ostscout, Ostsol, Ostroc, Ostwar). CGL alluded to this by putting the 70-ton OSB-4H OstBosch joke 'Mech on the Random Allocation Tables in the official (but noncanonical) 2012 Third League Turning Points: Free Taiw...St. Ives April Fools publication (among a range of other joke vehicles).

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