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Ronan Carlyle

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Ronan Carlyle, ca. 3152
Ronan Carlyle
Character Profile
Born 3125[1]
Affiliation House Carlyle
Rank Hauptmann[2]
Profession Noble
Parents Gardner Carlyle (father)[3][1]
Siblings Isobel Carlyle[2][1]

Ronan Carlyle was a Lyran Commonwealth noble.


Ronan commanded second company, third battalion of the Twenty-sixth Arcturan Guards.[2] He was cashiered from the LCAF, despite his loyalty to the Lyran Commonwealth, when the Twenty-sixth Arcturan Guards went over to the newly formed Tamar Pact. Ronan and his sister Isobel Carlyle, along with other former members of the 26th, formed the new Gray Death Legion on Garrison.[4]


Ronan piloted a Gargoyle BattleMech in the new Gray Death Legion.[4]


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