Ronin War

Ronin War
Part of Succession Wars
Start Date 3034
Result Free Rasalhague Republic remains independent
Free Rasalhague Republic
Loyal DCMS forces
Ronin DCMS forces


After the Free Rasalhague Republic's proclamation of independence on March 13, 3034 was recognized, many Draconis Combine soldiers refused to recognize the realm's independence from House Kurita. They stayed on the worlds of the former Rasalhague Military District and fought KungsArmé forces.

These renegade DCMS soldiers acted in direct contravention of Kanrei Theodore Kurita's orders, staining the Combine's honor and prompting him to declare such renegades ronin (masterless). The KungsArmé came into being while fighting these ronin, which forced them to become skilled quickly. However, the ronin units were typically more experienced, and the clashes between the KungsArmé and ronin threatened to destroy the new realm. The Kanrei later led a force of several loyal DCMS regiments into the FRR to destroy these masterless warriors, with the consent of Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson. Clashes between the ronin and loyal DCMS troops were often bloody, the loyalists infuriated by the dishonor shown to the Combine by the renegades. By 3035, all DCMS forces had withdrawn to the newly-created Alshain Military District after successfully destroying the last of the ronin forces.

Prior to the DCMS expeditionary force, the FRR hired several mercenary units to defend itself from the ronin units. Unfortunately, many of these units took advantage of the FRR's situation and contract loopholes to get money without actually fighting the ronin. Many Rasalhagians died, and property damage was severe. As a result of these (in)actions, citizens of the FRR viewed mercenaries with either contempt, disdain, or outright hatred. Even units noted for their skill and honor like the Kell Hounds were not immune to this feeling.

Involved Units[edit]

DCMS (Loyal)[edit]

DCMS (Ronin)[edit]

Free Rasalhague KungsArmé[edit]


Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (LCAF)[edit]

Lyran Commonwealth-employed Mercenaries

Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS)[edit]





  • Start Date - March 31, 3034
  • End Date - June, 3034