System Information
X:Y Coordinates[e]

The site of a small ComStar Explorer Corps station, Roxborough is a little-known system one jump coreward of Schwartz.

System History[edit]

An insignificant system appearing on few navigational charts, the explorers who first discovered the three-planet system reported its inhospitable nature, a mixture of prehistoric monsters and heavy volcanic activity. With minimal water and no useful ores, most simply chose to forget the unexceptional planet and the Succession Wars led it to fall off what few charts it appeared on, save those maintained by ComStar.

Planetary History[edit]

The largest planet, and the only one even barely capable of supporting life was dubbed Roxborough in 3051 after the eccentric ComStar Precentor Julian Roxborough who led a small group of determined Terran colonists to settle the world. While Roxborough died shortly after the planet was settled, the colonists realized that the planet lacked the conditions to allow them to establish a truly thriving community, but chose to stay on in relative peace. Supported entirely by supplies and consumables from ComStar, the colonists established a small base, a cluster of ten buildings, concealed under a canopy of the planet's equatorial jungle for the use of the Explorer Corps based on the lack of records on the system and hostile environment, which it was hoped would provide protection against a Clan attack by way of anonymity.

The "colony" is surrounded by barbed wire to protect its inhabitants against the various prehistoric creatures, the most notable of which is the Pteroraptor.


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