Royal Guards

Brigade Insignia of the Royal Guards
Royal Guards
Nickname Lyran Pride
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Parent Command LCAF/LAAF

The Lyran Royal Guards are the best equipped and most prestigious brigade within the LAAF, but mostly serve as the protectors of the Lyran government. Each unit within the Royal Guards recruits, by invitation only, from soldiers of a particular parent state, meaning that each of the Royal Guards regiments represents the pinnacle of military prowess for either the Protectorate of Donegal, the Federation of Skye, or the Tamar Pact. The Royal Guards are also tasked with the protection of the Archon or Archon-Designate, and the Triad. In fact, the BattleMechs that stand constant garrison over the Lyran throne room are typically elements of the 1st Royal Guards.


The unit was long held to be the best of the best of the LCAF. Their warriors were highly skilled and motivated, and loyal to the Archon. Soldiers who tended to "buck the system" were barred from the Royal Guards to maintain their professionalism.[1]

Age of War Era[edit]

The Estates-General prepared a public demand that Katherine Steiner, the third Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, step down. She moved to prevent its release and send armed members of the Royal Guard into Government House allegedly to protect the Representatives from the wrath of her subjects should they learn of the demand.[2] On 13 October 2471, in a double wedding with his brother Archon Michael Steiner, Steven Steiner married Colonel Margaret Olson of the First Royal Guards Armor Brigade.[3] Following a 2528 assassination attempt on Archon Craig Steiner the throne room was closed for construction. The changes were revealed 23 October 2529 for Craig's Steiner's birthday; the room had been enlarged and strengthened to allow two BattleMechs to flank the throne.[4]

see also: Guardian Duty

Star League Era[edit]

In 2581, the Lyran Expeditionary Force joined the SLDF and the Free Worlds League in Operation MAILED FIST. Archon Viola Steiner-Dinesen personally led the Lyran regiments at the head of the 4th Royal Guards. Believing that the war would last five years, she left her son Kevin Steiner-Dinesen to act in her stead. Ten years into the war, desertion from LCAF ranks had become a serious problem at the front, while back home domestic unrest and opposition to the war was rising. Then in 2591 the Estates-General announced that Archon-Designate Kevin Steiner-Dinesen had been kidnapped, the members of the Steering Committee would take charge of the Commonwealth until the Archon returned, and that the Estates General would vote on Lyran secession from the Star League.[5]

Katherine learned of all this while in the field, including (false) rumors that the Duke of Tamar and the Duke of Skye were responsible for her son's disappearance. She led a company of the Royal Guards to a camp of the Twenty-fifth Skye Rangers and the Tamar Tigers, attacking them in a rage. She lost an arm from her 'Mech as well as one of her own arms, and lay comatose after the battle. 117 members of the Tigers and Rangers died.[6]

When the Archon awoke, she learned that Tamar and Skye were innocent of Kevin's kidnapping. She requested leave from the SLDF to return home, which was granted.[6] On 15 January 2592, the Estates-General gathered for a vote on secession. The Royal Guards arrived and, with LIC support, took much of the Steering Committee into custody and found Kevin Dinesen bound and gagged in a closet. The Archon's DropShip landed in front of Government House as Kevin was being brought from the building. When Henry Gram, leader of the kidnappers, was brought out, she moved toward him and crushed him beneath her 'Mechs foot.[6]

Leaving Kevin in charge of the throne again, she returned to the front at the head of the Fourth Royal Guards. She took a mortal wound on 24 March 2595, though she did not pass until 28 April of that year, a day after returning to Tharkad.[7]

Succession Wars Era[edit]

First Succession War[edit]

Archon Jennifer Steiner personally led the Fourth Royal Guards in their assault of Styx.[8] On 4 January 2791, she was killed by a booby-trapped door at the chemical factories of New Eslow.[9]

Second Succession War[edit]

When the DCMS invaded New Caledonia in 2841, the Fourth Royal Guards were garrisoning the world. The battle lasted seven years, despite repeated pleas for aid that were ignored by Archon Claudius Steiner. Finally, the Fourth was destroyed, and the commanding officer and his brother were deceived into fighting a battle against each other in unarmed Thunderbolts, resulting in both of their deaths. Evidence of this was sent to the Archon, who then ordered Operation PRAYING MANTIS into motion.[10][11] When the List of Honored Missing became a Lyran tradition, the Fourth was also added to its roll.[12]

Third Succession War[edit]

Archon Eric Steiner led the Third Royal Guards on Freedom. Trapping two battalions of the Sixth Sword of Light in a dead-end valley, the Guards bombarded them with artillery and air support for three days before advancing into the valley and destroying the Kuritans. A freak accident involving two vibra-bombs killed the Archon.[13][14]

In 2980, Alessandro Steiner was a distinguished battalion commander in the Second Royal Guards when his father's death elevated him to the Archonship.[15] Then-Archon-Designate Katrina Steiner spent three years commanding the Second Royal Guards.[16]

In 3005, a company of the 3rd Royal Guards drove off Kuritans attacking the House Lestrade estate on Summer, but not before the Duke of Summer was killed and his heir Aldo Lestrade gravely wounded. Aldo accused the Guards of deliberate laxness in their defense of Summer, laying the blame for his father's death at their feet. This fed into a separatist movement led by the new Duke.[17]

Civil War Era[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, the Royal Guards were loyal to Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion. By the end of the conflict, all three regiments were all but destroyed, though they were not stricken from the rolls.[18]

Jihad Era[edit]

During the Word of Blake's assault on Tharkad, the Royal Guards were largely destroyed. The Royal Guards ceased operating as regiments and instead broke into smaller formations and waged a guerrilla war against the Blakists. The Archon referred to anyone who fought alongside him as a Royal Guard. Once the Blakists were pushed off Tharkad, the Royal Guard regiments were rebuilt quickly by transferring in troops from other commands. Even with these transfers, it will be several years before the Royal Guards are back to full strength.[19]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Royal Guards


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]

3062 - 3 commands[20]

Guardian Duty[edit]

Perhaps the most well known and exclusive assignment of the Royal Guards is to guard the throne at the Royal Court on Tharkad, a duty that began on October 23, 2529. The Guardians are usually two Griffins but that is not always the case.[4]


In retaliation for the thrashing the Stealths gave to Free Worlds League forces on Poulsbo an assassin was sent after Archon Richard Steiner. On 3 August 2812 Richard Perkins fired a laser pistol at the Archon but the vigilant Royal Guardsman was able to block it with his Griffin's hand.[9]


With the formation of the Federated Commonwealth the throne room was altered slightly. Thrones for the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth were placed on a five step-high dias. Later a third throne for the Federated Commonwealth was set in the center.[21][22][23]


  • Behind the left hand (Federated Commonwealth) throne, a Marauder now painted in Steiner blue.[23]
  • Behind the right hand (Lyran Commonwealth) throne, Galen Cox's Crusader, painted in Kell Hounds colors with black mourning garlands around the wrists.[23]


Katherine Steiner-Davion's throne was guarded by a pair of Hauptmann OmniMechs as a celebration of Lyran technological advances.[24]


Peter Steiner-Davion returned the Griffin to its traditional place on Guardian Duty; he used the new GRF-6S model from Project Phoenix in this role. By this point, the throne room had been returned to its single-throne configuration of the pre-FedCom era.[25]



During Vedet Brewer's short reign:


Units of the Royal Guards[edit]

Honorary Units[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

The Royal Guards paint their machines a base of Lyran blue, with gold painted on the left and right side. Additionally, weapon barrels are painted gold, as are hatches and sensors.[34]

The ceremonial uniform of the Royal Guards is white.[35][36]


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